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International Merlot Day 7th of November


About International Merlot Day 7th of November

Merlot, the velvet hammer of the wine world, gets its due on International Merlot Day. Smooth, fruity, and with just the right amount of sophistication, merlot invites you to unwind with its easy charm. Perfect for dinner parties, quiet nights in, or just because, it’s the wine that plays well with every dish and every occasion. So, let’s uncork a bottle and celebrate the grape that proves wine doesn’t have to be complicated to be captivating.


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Prioritize the Bride

First things first, the night should revolve around the bride. This means that whoever’s planning the event should know her well, especially if it’s a surprise. If you’re not quite sure what would tickle her fancy, consider asking her about her preferences, people she’d like to invite, and those she’d rather keep off the guest list. But try not to bombard her with too many questions; she’s got a lot on her plate already.

Party Ideas to Consider

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Sydney's Top 10 Bars for an Unforgettable Night Out

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Trivia Nights In Melbourne

Dive into the vibrant trivia scene in Melbourne, where brainy fun meets diverse interests. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a music aficionado, a movie buff, or a travel guru, there’s a trivia night tailored just for you. Melbourne’s trivia nights are not just about testing your knowledge; they’re social hubs where laughter, learning, and friendly competition merge. So, gather your clever companions and embark on an unforgettable evening of quizzing in the heart of Melbourne’s nightlife. This guide is your ticket to finding the perfect trivia night, no matter what piques your curiosity.

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The Oldest Pubs In Adelaide

Adelaide, commonly known as the city of churches, hides another rich historical facet – it’s a city teeming with classic bars and pubs. Strolling through Adelaide, you’re likely to be captivated by its historic houses and striking churches. However, it’s the pubs that often steal the show. These establishments, some of the most majestic and historic in Australia, don’t always get the recognition they deserve. For instance, consider the Newmarket Hotel, a stunning three-story pub from 1883, which, though facing demolition, remains a significant piece of Adelaide’s history.

Another hidden gem is the Beresford Arms Inn on Gilles St. Though no longer operational, its magnificence is undeniable.

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Adelaide's Top Tradie Bars for the Perfect Unwind

Are you a tradie looking for the perfect spot to relax after a long day’s work? Adelaide boasts some incredible bars and pubs tailor-made for tradies. Forget the fancy cocktails and high-end fashion talk; here, it’s all about cold beers, hearty meals, and good music.

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Turning CO2 into VODKA

Air Company’s Innovative Approach to Carbon-Negative Vodka Production

In a world where environmental consciousness is paramount, innovative companies are emerging with groundbreaking solutions. Air Company is one such pioneer, introducing a unique way to address the excess carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere by transforming it into carbon-negative alcohols and fuels. Among their flagship offerings is a carbon-negative vodka that has garnered attention in the beverage industry for its sustainable approach. In this article, we delve into the technology behind Air Company’s pioneering vodka, the qualities that make it stand out, and its positive impact on the fight against climate change.

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Uncovering Adelaide’s Hidden Gems
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