About Bar Advisor

World Nightlife Network

Our Mission

To help create those nights you will remember.

For everyone involved within the nightlife industry

Our Vision

Provide reliable network to connect, help and support the nightlife industry.

Who Are We?

We are travelers.

We found a problem other platforms, they just provide reviews, not information.

Finding a bar to suit him and his mood was hard.

Introducing mood based search method


The Network?

In short, bar owners and managers have a lot going on, it needs to be easier.

While working in bars and restaurants, Marcus found bar owners and managers used several different sites and had to make several phone calls each day just to complete a simple task. Bar Advisor network is designed to eliminate the need for several sites.

Search – find – order everything from a quote from a supplier to a DJ for Saturday night.


Our Future?

Bar Advisor is heading to dominate the nightlife space. We are setting up platforms that are going to encourage people to get back out and get social.

These platforms are designed to make every part of planning a great night easier, for business and users.

Funding Round Now Open