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The problems Bar Advisor wants to solve.

Travel Problem,

We love to travel and travel the world we did. But the hardest thing in a foreign city was finding the right place to party.

Everyone is different and just because some guy named Bill said “This bar rocks” Does not mean that bar rocked.

So we decided to build a directory that you can find the right place for your personality and mood.


Bar Advisor has a lot of advanced filters that you can filter your results to suit exactly what you want.

Business Problem,

While working in a bar and watching the owner struggle to promote events, find good musicians and find good staff. I sore an opportunity to solve the problem and create a link.

One site to link them all together. 

A place a Bar owner can find a new bartender, while booking a band for Friday night. Then set up an event listing for Friday night.

Then save a little money buy contacting local suppliers for better deals.


The links are want makes Bar Advisor stand out from the rest. Our listings can link out to other listings. We can link our readers to events in their area, which then they can view the musicians and artists that are playing at those events. Then they can be linked to the bar that is hosting the event to check out the reviews and amenities. 

The Network

These links work as a giant network for bar owners which can now network with top rated artists. find events managers to help promote events, find new suppliers and new staff.


Our future is looking bright!

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We are in the process of moving location.

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