Wine Glass (Red)

Red Wine Glass
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Common cocktails

  • The Bishop
  • Sangria (Red)
  • Sangria (White)
  • Aperol Spritz

The beloved Red-Red Wine Glass.

You should know how to differentiate the type of glasses used for drinking wine. Why? Because each one has a different design that will enhance the way we enjoy certain wine types. So, yes, it’s all about the taste. Want to enjoy a reddish version of wine? Then you should use a Red Wine Glass.

  • The Bordeaux Glass is one of the largest ones, and is the best for full-bodied wines: If the drink is farther from the nose, you will perceive better the aroma. Alcohol will evaporate better in bigger surfaces, which will enhance the elevation of aromatic notes. Also, drinking from wider openings makes wine taste smoother. All these features enhance the taste of wines such as the Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • The Burgundy Glass, great for light-bodied wines: This one is broader than the Bordeaux, thus it accumulates better all the aromas of light wines, like the Pinot Noir. You can achieve the same effect with the Bourgogne Glass.
  • The Standard red wine glass, great for wines with spicy notes and high alcohol content: This kind of glass go straight to your tongue, which slightly fades away the spiciness. This allows you to taste better the complexity of wines such as the Syrah or the Zinfandel.

You have to take these into account if you want to become a real wine connoisseur. Or at least to stop drinking your red wine out of a coffeemug!

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