Lines for Empty Clubs

Why do they have lines at clubs when they are not full.

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It always amazed me when I would be waiting outside a nightclub for 10-20 mins to get in and find that the club was half full, It makes no sense why would they not want me in straight away buying drinks they would make more money. Does the bouncer just not like me or is he on a power trip.

Why are there Lines at Clubs?

The answer is quite simple, To make more money. Yes the bouncer sometimes just does this on their own to show they have some sort of power. But talking to club owners it is a really complex sycoligical play by the club owner. There are several things they are trying to accomplish, the club owner is using this tactic to make you stay longer and spend more.

Two of the easily understood tactes is the fact that you waited for something, you will fill abliged to stay especially if you paid a cover. Two you most probably lined up because there was a line, well the people behind you and the people behind them did the same thing so creating the line creates attention. There are also many more complex reasons behind the line find out more below.

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What is the point behind the line at clubs if the place is not full.

The main point is to make is to make more money, but there are also other reasons behind how the line makes more money. They also need to trick your mind into staying longer, you would assume once you have waited in line just to find an empty club you will just leave. But it does not work like that does it, you stay for a longer time. Rememeber most Nightclubs are only open Friday and Saturday and normally only open 5 – 8 hours. So they need to make a all there revernue in just 16 hours. This is why so many nightclubs fail because they do not understand how to capitalize in there very small window. This is also why drinks cost so much in clubs.

But how do they make us spend more money and stand longer if we walk in and the club is dead.

Well this is where lots of different practices come in to play, if a club misses one of these they could lose the customer. When you wait in line you build up a desire, a want, a need you want to get in, because now it is so exclusive. So when you get in you see it half you think you need to stay for at least one drink. But while having that one drink more people are coming in which now makes it feel like it is the place to be so you don’t want to leave now.

Also you feel that you got in early so other places will have bigger lines, now you have probably completely forgot that the place was dead an hour early and not this is the hottest spot in the city.

It can get event more complex than just holding up the line to make more money

Then it gets to the more complex, when you are in line you are generating thirst and sobering up, so when you get in the club the first thing you do is get a drink and you drink it quicker. $$

Another thing when the club is half empty the bar is easy to get that drink and the bartender is normally nice and happy which makes you want to go back to the bar.

Also the DJ is starting to hype you up and get you in the mood. DJ’s (good Dj’s) have a unique skill that understands the crowd and knows how to make them party but not to hard they get tired and go home. A good DJ can getting you hyped up then slow it down so you go get a drink. 

So people use lighting to change your mood, colours have always been used to attract people to spend money, trusting companies or just changing people’s moods.

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Who came up with these idea like holding up a line at a club,

I would not have a clue but if did not happen overnight and there would have been lots of trial and error and lots of chance. But now with people and companies collecting so much data from there business activities they can hone in on things that helped them make more $$. One person that does have most of the answers is John Taffer from Bar Rescue if you want to learn a hell of a lot about running bars watch Bar Rescue.

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