White Rum

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Common cocktails

  • Hemingway Daiquiri
  • Rum Ranch
  • Almond Joy
  • Alabama Slammer

Alcohol Content: 40-80%

Allergen labels are just a guide, ALWAYS check label before drinking.

Rum, the pirate’s staple drink.

White Rum is for the impatience pirate, white rum is aged less than dark rum.

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a pirate, you have to drink some Rum to look legit. What pirate doesn’t drink it? None, duh. Or maybe you drunk it first, so you wanted to become a pirate after that.

Rum is a drink made from sugarcane and derivate products, like molasses. After that, it’s distilled and sometimes aged in oak barrels. Its alcohol content variates a lot, so it even reaches 80% per volume in higher-end versions. It is really strong drink, so you have to be tough to have some!

The Rum industry has been constantly growing. In the 2016 alone, 1.3 billion litres were drunk!

So, yep, there’s the proof that it’s a great drink. And how wouldn’t it be great? It was actually the first branded spirit ever made!

There are various types; dark, gold, light, flavored and spiced, and even premium ones.

History and Rum.

Rumbullion was a really influent alcohol spirit in the past. Its origins go as back as history itself, like thousands of years back. But the distillation was applied to it for the first time in the 17th century, when sugarcane plantation slaves discovered it. They found out that molasses, a derivate from sugarcane, could be fermented and distilled. This is the most known origin for the modern version of this drink.

It was once used as medium of economic exchange, a really popular one, because it was of great value for people.

The drink even caused the “Rum Rebellion” in Australia. Due to imposed regulations on the drink it was caused in the early 18th century. So yeah, nobody can take rum away from us!

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Common uses.  

You can prepare great cocktails with it. You can also drink it neat or in the rocks, like a big boy.

The staple ones for party nights are the Daiquiri, the Mojito, Piña Colada and the Hurricane. You’lldefinitelylovetheCaribbean swing in these!

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