We Are Working

We Are Working

Hello and welcome to Bar Advisor,

If things look a bit off, it’s because we are still working.

We are excepting listings, but this is still a Beta version as we are still working to bring you the best possible site.

Please be patient.

A little rough around the edges!​

If you are wondering why Bar Advisor is a bit rough around the edges right now, that’s because it is.

We are working on it.

Bar Advisor was very successful several years ago, but we always had problems with speed and linking our listings once the site went live. This really affected our end users as the bars and clubs were there, but it was hard to view them.

So this time we have chosen to have the site live while we build, this helps us manage real world problems daily. This is a massively complex site, with all 8 different directories linking to each other, the code needs to be perfect. We can see daily how people use and view the site and change the layout to suit the standard user. 

When Will It Be Done?

We don’t believe it will ever be finished as we have many plans and features we will add in time.

But we will have all the listings fully functional and will launch the site on the 1st of Nov, We plan to have over 30,000 new listings from over 30 countries by then.

Then we hope to grow every day with events, artists, job listings and cocktails.

Please feel free to add yours now.

You can help us.

No we don’t need donations or charity, We just need YOU.

Let us know if you find any problems. Contact Us

Share Bar Advisor with friends on social media.

Also you can help by listing your favorite bar or nightclub

If you have friends that perform at bars and nightclubs or are looking to start, tell them to make a profile at Bar Advisor Musicians.

If you know of any good events for after the 1st of Nov list them now at Bar Advisor Events

The changes we are making are more about the users experience for jobs and cocktails.

The job search and cocktail guide are still under construction and will be ready by launch.

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