Want to throw Unique Events in your bar?

These events are going to take more time to organise and promote. But they will put you on the map.

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Unique events to keep people coming!

If you think some Classic Events just won’t do the job of bringing in the money or customers, then you should consider throwing some Unique Events in your bar. Take it up a notch with these ideas.

Unique events are the ones that fit a certain types of customers, whether it is young people, old folks, creative people, fans of certain matters, and other groups. You first have to find out the type of customers you want to/can bring in, and then you can choose an idea and test it. Make a vote with your regular customers, or maybe a suggestion box so you can find out what fits them the best.

What are so different events at bars?

There are so many unique events/activities bars can host, now there are bars based around activities. Like the Axe throwing bar.

Others are painting or pottery. One of our favourite is Drunk Drawing, there are also extreme ones like massage classes.

Some ideas for unique events.

To make great, fun, attractive unique events, you have to be 100% creative. This is how you turn a regular day or night into a great one. Also, it takes time to organize these events, so make sure everything is planned well, so nothing gets out of hand. Here are some of the best ideas for throwing some money making events.

Remember these do not suit every bar and every financial situation. They are just suggestions, you will need to evaluate your own situation before running any events.

Pottery Class
Photo by Maggie Markel on Unsplash

1. Classes

if you want your customers to have a great time while drinking and learning as well, then classes of anything that comes into your mind might do the job. Pottery classes, cocktail crafting classes, how to pick up girls/boys classes, Kamasutra classes; literally anything! This will attract a more mature kind of customers that will bring in the money while either buying extras, ordering drinks/cocktails, and buying snacks!

2. Tasting

Another event that’s great for you knowledgeable customers! Food tastings, wine tastings, whiskey tastings, beer tastings, chicken wing tasting; anything with some class will work (maybe not the chicken wings, though). You can charge greatly for the service, and expensive wines/whiskey/beer or exotic foods (like chicken wings, of course) are also great to make a profit.

pizza eating comp
By Pixabay official account

3. Eating /cooking contests:

These are great for bringing in customers and to create a bond with your regulars, especially if they participate in the contests. It might represent an investment, so make sure you’re making the right one before throwing one of these.

Dress Party
Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

4. The 50s, 60s, 80s and 90s nights

: everyone gets nostalgic about the “better times”, so this is a nice way of drawing some attention to the past. Throw in some dancing competitions or costume contest and you’ll get a really fun night with your customers. And the good thing is that people have been drinking a lot throughout these years as well, so you’ll end up selling a lot of classy cocktails.

5. Random day celebrations

If you really want to be unique, then you should think as no one would about celebrations. What’s a real motive for celebrations? Who cares! Make your own excuse for celebrations! This could result in weird-but-cool traditions that you can only get at your unique bar. Like the lights-out party, or the bring-your-mom to the bar day, or family drinking Olympics. All these would be interesting ideas to see in a bar, and would definitely fill your pockets with your happy customer’s money!

Unique events are loud in the media.

Want to be known and to have a nice, constant flow of newcomers in your bar? Unique events are the best way of growing, especially if your events are the best ones around. You better start planning right now!

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