Types of Cocktail Juicers.

Cocktail Juicers.

Citrus fruits are the cornerstone of many delicious cocktails.

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Types of Cocktail Juicers.

However, these acid citric filled treasures can be tricky sometimes. If you juice them too harshly, things can get extra sour, and that’s not good if it’s not the flavour you want to get! There are many tools to get all the juiciness out of citrus fruits. Due to that, there’s a lot of confusion out there about which one is the best tool! Here’s a short guide you need to know on choosing the right cocktail juicer!

Handheld Juicer.

As its name states, this cocktail juicer is used to get manually the lemon juice. It’s the perfect tool to get all the juice you require out of lemons by applying just the right amount of strength. That way you can get the juice without all the sourness of the lemon. This is the right tool if you need to juice a lemon or two, but not the right one if you need to juice more than a hundred lemons quickly.

Countertop Juicer.

This juicer uses strength mechanics to deliver a more optimum approach to juicing citrus. All you need to do is press and twist against the countertop juicer! It doesn’t get easier than that. You still need to apply the right amount of strength to avoid undesired flavours. It still is a better tool than the handheld juicer, though.

Squeezer Juicer.

This is another heavy-duty-friendly tool for juicing lemons and citrus quickly. It uses another basic physics mechanic to apply force efficiently. Once you get used to these, you can easily juice your way through many lemons in a matter of minutes.

Manual Press Juicer.

This is the ultimate tool. The Manual Press Juicer uses the same concept as the squeezer juicer. The only difference is that this one applies the strength more efficiently, and you will need just a slight press to get all the juice from citruses. It can easily be attached to a table to get more stability.

Which is the best?

These are all great for juicing, but two of them stand apart for being the very best. These are the Countertop Juicer, and the Manual Press Juicer. The former is the best for at-home juicing action! It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and very durable. It’s also easily adaptable for citruses of any size! And for professional use, the Manual Press Juicer will get the job swiftly done. If you really need a lot of citrus juice, these are the best tool for semi-industrial duty. Cheers and happy juicing!


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