Types of Cocktail Jiggers, Differences, and Advantages of Each Type.

Types of Jiggers,

Differences, and Advantages of Each Type.

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What are the different Cocktail Jiggers.

Cocktail Jiggers are one of the bar-essential tools you’ll be needing to make delicious cocktails. These are the cornerstone of any cocktail because they are the measuring tool you must use with every ingredient. If the measures aren’t right, you’ll get an unbalanced cocktail! That can be the very difference between a successful bar and a broke one! Learn all you need to know about Jiggers here and avoid some rookie mistakes!

Single Jigger.

The single cocktail jigger, nip, or shot glass, is one of the most used ways of measuring the alcohol used for cocktails. These are the first ever used measuring tools for alcohol in bartending. They measure 44ml in most cases; however, due to the different laws around the world, there are many variations. They are great for measuring the alcohol you must use for drinks, but will probably fall short under high volumes of work that bars sometimes have.


Double Jigger.

The double cocktail jigger is the improvement of the good ol’ single jigger. Now, with a more efficient hourglass shape, these jiggers work especially good for bars with somewhat large volumes of work. They have two different sides for measuring, being one normally bigger than the other. Because of the bigger size, you can work faster knowing how to adjust the alcohol serving to get more drinks or to make one drink stronger in alcohol. The slight time-saving perk can make a huge difference in the overall speed of the service, which directly affects your customers response. The faster you get the drinks for them, the better!

The best: The OXO Double Jigger!

There’s no doubt on which is the most useful and overall best jigger out there; the OXO Jigger. This one is a top-notch jigger with an improved rubber grip and durable build in stainless steel. Pair that with the standardized measures, and you’ll get the perfect tool to make a bartender’s life easier.

A Double Jigger for the Win!

The double cocktail jigger is the undisputed winner in this category. It’s great for home use and professional use as well. Save some money and get the OXO Double Jigger to work as a real professional bartender!


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