Trivia Nights

There are couples and friendships that have been torn apart by trivia nights. But they’re still so much fun!

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Trivia Nights

Trivia Nights are the best strategy that bars can use to bring in the customers on lousy or slow days. You can use it to cheer up the crowds, give out some good prizes, and create a nice relationship between your clients by adding a little bit of competitiveness to the mix. Learn more about them here!

What is a trivia night?

Short Answer: Nights in which a bar gets all the “Who Wants To Be A Billionaire” vibes and sets up the game with their customers.

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Everyone loves them!

Trivia Nights are quite easy to organize and everyone loves them. It’s all about pride! All you need is some promotion, interesting and challenging questions, and interested clients. Also, they give you the opportunity of doing something different on slow nights. This works great if you add a couple of prizes, since they can catch some new customers for you!

It takes some time.

If you’re new using this method, it might take a while for it to work. But don’t get discouraged by this and be patient, because it always works if you’re doing things right. If you’re not, your customers will just get bored and leave.


Another thing to have in mind is that most of the times there is a lot of drama and arguments in these events. Why? Because of the competitivity! If someone is seen checking the phone, or if there’s a tie or some of the questions are too hard or easy, there will be trouble. How to avoid it? Be organized and set the rules for your special event before getting started.

Best types of Trivia nights

There are many types of trivia versions for all your clients. You can make couple competitions, teams of 3, 4,  5, or even more, you can make teams from opposite sports teams’ followers (be extra careful on this one!) and much more! Also, the topics are a universe of possibilities! You can choose any topic, like Game of Thrones or another famous series, movies, celebrities, science, sports, or just random stuff. The only limit is your imagination!

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Picking your team

The key to picking the perfect teammates for this type of events is diversity. It’s all about putting your knowledge on the topic together for giving the right answers. You need to pick people with knowledge on that topic! If the theme is Star Wars, you can’t pick someone who hasn’t seen any of the movies (you shouldn’t even be his friend for Vader’s sake!). Also, if you know that a person is stubborn, a bad loser a cheater, or just a royal pain in the lower-lower back, save yourself from having a bad time and pick the person next to them!

Hosting a Trivia night in your bar

Any bar can have themselves a nice night with the right organization:

  • You’ll need a host that keeps everything running smoothly. The person for this job can be someone of your crew who is really good at speaking in public and charismatic. Maybe even yourself if you have time and these qualities.
  • Set the rules! No phones out, x time to answer a question, only one person can write the questions, don’t share information out loud, do not talk to other contestants, don’t mistreat the host, teams who fight get disqualified, and more. You’ll need them!
  • Some paper and pencils for writing down the right answers. You can get something more elaborated for a different experience, like short videos, special sheets, or extra rounds with other activities like mimics.
  • Good questions! Don’t just go for yes or no questions, false or true, and easy questions. Mix them all up with elaborated questions, and save some of them for tiebreaking.
  • And a lot of patience! Because believe us, things can escalate pretty fast when someone’s competitivity comes out extra hard.

Follow these tips and become the Master of TNs!

So have fun at your next night

One the best way to play is in teams which is good because more people more drama (I mean Fun). When played in a bar everyone can become a great spectator of sport too. Foosball is fast and with teams of 2 you know there will always be 2 people that think they can beat you.

You’re still new to fun if you haven’t had an exciting trivia night with your friends. And for bar owners who haven’t tried this yet, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Let your creativity flow and have the perfect TNs with these tips. Cheers!

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