Top 10 rules of drinking!

Key rules of Drinking to have a good night without consequences. Avoid texting your ex! 

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1. Know your limits.

If you’re drinking, make it as logical as possible. It’s not going to ruin the fun, but instead, it’s going to make it better and much safer. This is the most important of all the rules of drinking! Always know your limits. If you want to keep the good stories good – without the classic “can you please come and get me out of jail” endings – always drink in a responsible manner. This can eliminate accidents, fights, annoying drunk friends (which by the way, if you don’t have that friend, that means it’s you!), and other mistakes.

2. Do not drink on an empty stomach!

It is said that you should eat a bunch of greasy food before you drink, both to avoid getting wasted, and to prevent a hangover. This is definitely not a myth, but a classic among the rules of drinking. The food not only keeps you full, but it prevents that nasty sick stomach feeling the morning after. There is nothing worse than a hangover, especially if you party in the middle of the week and have to go to work the next day. Spike your productivity having some fried chicken, some schnitzels, or burgers with french fries. They’ll keep you protected – not from you personal trainer, he’ll kick your butt on your next session!

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3. Drink with company.

When drinking, keep your friends close. People drinking alone is the cause of many accidents. And it can be anything! Car crashes, stupid ideas, and having to explain that you were drunk, and shouldn’t have made that call. That can be worse than getting back with your ex, and you can end up insulting your boss. Any of these sounds like a good idea? GET YOURSELF A DRINKING BUDDY!

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4. Avoid drinking too fast.

You found yourself several drinking buddies, you had a greasy dinner, and you forget ‘drink responsibly’ advice by gulping five drinks in less than ten seconds. You might not have this in mind, but the cause of being too drunk might not be drinking too much but instead drinking too fast. Take your time, enjoy the cocktail, and sip slowly. This can be achieved easily if you have something to chew on. Take it slow!

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5. Drinks and Drugs dont mix (medical or not).

If you’re medicated, don’t drink. If you’re smoking some funny cigarettes, don’t drink. Heck, it’s not even a good idea to mix several types of liquors. Wait until your recovery until you’re 100% able to party hard. And simply save those cigarettes for another time. Capisci?

Drink driving
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6. Do not drink and drive!

If you’re emotional, don’t drink! Been through a hard time this week, your relationship is over, a beloved one passed away, or you just got fired; all of these are really bad things to happen. But, they are also really bad reasons to drink. Before drinking, pick yourself up, clean up the dust of your jeans, and keep going. Life is not easy mate, but for sure, drinking is not a solution. Once everything is in order, have yourself a glass – or twenty – to celebrate what you survived. That’s what booze is for!

Beer lost
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7. Foosball

There are good clubs filled with bad people that might want to harm you. Sadly, everybody has heard – or even worse, lived – a tragic story in a club that included others putting substances on their drinks. It might be to steal from you, but believe us when we say that’s not even the worse case! Always keep your drinks at sight or even in your hand. And if you stop seeing it for a while (not even that long!), throw it away and get another one. It was expensive? Well, pay attention!

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8. Don't drink when emotional.

It is hard to detach your emotions from something like drinking, because it can be an escape for many people. Sometimes we celebrate and drink because of that, but a mixture of sadness and alcoholic consumption could be disastrous.

9. Avoid all hazards.

Sometimes, drinking gives us the ability to forget about us being mere mortals. And we think we’re indestructible daredevil beings! But the truth is we couldn’t be more vulnerable than when we’re drunk! That’s why you need to stay away from danger; you’re not part of the Jackass crew!

mixing drinks
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10. Dont mix drinks

And last but not least, never mix several types of spirits/liquors. Also, avoid sweet alcohol and cocktails, because those are the one that will keep you drinking without noticing you stopped feeling your legs a while ago. Mixing drinks takes you to wonderland without a return ticket. You might wake up at home after a party, even if you mix drinks. However, the chances of waking up on a beach with a bunch of unknown people who call you a weird and recently earned nickname are heightened when you mix booze! Plus, the hangover will be out of this world.

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Have fun responsibly and stay out as long as possible. You only live once!


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