Ice-cream meets booze to create heaven!

Ice-cream meets booze to create heaven!

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Tipsy Scoop Bar – NYC.

If you ever thought there wasn’t a way of making booze better, then you’ve never visited the Tipsy Scoop Bar, in New York City. In this tiny place of the mighty American city, you can find the best ice-creams made out of booze!

Yep, perfection was finally reached! So, let’s find out more about the Tipsy Scoop.

Some tipsy history and tradition.

This success is the product of a long family tradition, according to Melissa Tavss, the owner. She comes from a long tradition of ice-cream makers that dates back to the 1800s. So, ice-cream is a family thing for her, until she decided to add a “boozy twist” to the tradition. That’s how you achieve perfection!

But it’s been harder than it looks. Melissa has been working hard to develop this dream for several years. In those days, it wasn’t even a store, but a catering service! All that work evolved into what it is now!

This is what dreams are made of! Hard work and boozy ice-cream!

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What are you going to find in the Tipsy Scoop?

According to great reviews, you’ll find a perfectly kind first-class service! And responsible as well! This is no ice-cream store; it’s a bar that serves booze in the form of ice-cream! So they will check your ID to know if you can actually enjoy some Tipsy Scoop magic.

You’ll also find more than ten boozy ice-cream flavors to choose from. You can find classic flavors like vanilla (bourbon infused) and dark chocolate (with whiskey salted caramel). And some flavors a bit more complex, like the maple bacon bourbon or the cake batter vodka Martini.

Also, you can order any amount of ice-cream, as they have delivery in NYC. Also, you can purchase from any part of the USA. And if that’s not enough, they still offer the catering service that started the whole business!

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So, are you ready for some Tipsy Scoop magic?

Then you have to check it out next time you’re in NYC! Get there early, because it might run out (if we get there before you!)


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Jason Masson

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