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So we have talked about how to create the nice personality of your bar, you definitely need to learn how to keep it from fading with other bad labels!

In how I met you mother, they talk about killing the bar when Barney whats to date the bartender. This happens in real life too people date a bartender and once they break up they don’t want to go back to that bar. KILLING THE BAR.

This means you lose customers. But this is not really the biggest killer.

There’s a huge list of things to avoid while running a bar so you don’t get a bad reputation or label that will totally destroy the personality of your bar. The most common ones are related to your employees. They are one of the most important parts of your business, and the success you have depends on them and your ideas to guide them.

Cocky, bad, arrogant staff.

We are all human. When you’re working with people, it’s actually normal to lose your temper sometimes, especially if they are drunk! But, this can be a big killer for you bar, as if the bar staff come across as arrogant and rude. You bar is going to get know as the “na I dont want to go there the bartenders a dick.”

When people are saying “Na I dont want to go there” you need to get rid of what ever reason they give. Bartender gone. This will change the way people see the bar and fresh things up a bit.

If your employees are great and you really can’t see your bar without them, then get them some group counseling/therapy/coaching! Or maybe they just need to release some stress in a staff soccer game.

There are plenty of youtube videos that can guide them on how to talk to drunks.

This works just great for waiters, bartenders, cashiers, and bouncers. Remember to keep them happy, so they keep your customers happy!

Price upping.

If you think it’s time to augment the price of your drinks, or maybe the food you serve because you’ve gotten famous and people just can’t stop coming, then you should think twice.

Upping the price because you’ve gotten famous is not a bad idea; it’s actually great to take advantage of your increasing sales. But, you just can’t start charging $20 for a beer that last night had a price tag of $5. Sudden changes in the prices of your drinks and foods might not/certainly won’t have a nice reception from patrons. This can end your selling-record-breaking streak, and make you start losing money.

This is one of these rare cases in which success can destroy a business. Why? Because it’s easy to get carried away with success. Once again, we at BarAdvisor, recommend you to have a lot of common sense.

When people get used to a price and enjoy the food for the price if they come in a their meal is $10-$20 more they are going to start looking around.

If you are losing money, yes you need to make changes. but think a bit about it. See if you can up-sell to make more money. See if promoting a different more profitable menu item can help.

Don’t just add $5 extra to each meal.

This is why you have to know both how much your customers are willing to pay for drinks and food, and how much would it be cautious to elevate the price. Also, try not to do this really often, because it might really be a career-ending decision.

Dirty bar Toilet Personality Of Your Bar
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This is the simplest tip you’ll ever get. Keep the darn bathrooms clean all the time! Yes, it is hard. Drunken people can’t aim right! But, yes, it’s important, especially for the ladies. Make sure of this, and avoid that weird label of “the bar with the smelly bathrooms”. That’s just awkward!

We have talked to lots of people and the places they choose to spend most of there night have good bathrooms. If a bar does not make the most uncomfortable part of the night comfortable you will lose business.


You might have the best bar, with the greatest food, the greatest cocktails, the cleanest bathrooms, the best prices in the whole world, but if your bar is in a desert 100km far from the nearest city, it just won’t work.

The lack of transportation to and from your bar can really kill the personality of your bar, and turn it into “the bar from Narnia”. How to change this? Get cabs to be around, offer free transportation on big nights or, if you can change location.

Your bar might be pumping and then the council removes a night bus that can kill your bar because most of your customers used that to get home. Make sure you know how your customers get to and from your venue.

Look at RSL’s and Veterans clubs they have buses that pick people up and drop people off. We are see in this more and more as Bars and Clubs are getting pushed out of the main shopping district. Lots of bars will see this as to big expense, but look at it as advertising if you have a bus with your bar name on it driving around. That is great advertising.

Another option is look after your DD (designated Drivers) free soft drink for DD’s and good/FREE parking is a great way to get DD’s to encourage everyone to go to your bar.

Remember a car has 5 seats you lose on 1 and gain of 4.

Follow all these tips!

Hopefully these help you to maintain a strong name for your bar. Let us know if you have other ideas in the comments below. Your if you have any stories.

We wish you the best of luck,


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