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The Manly Wharf Hotel, Sydney

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The Manly Wharf Hotel is one of the top places to visit while in Sydney.  Enjoy a nice beer while enjoying a beautiful views of water. If you get enough of the view just move inside and have some fun gambling at their sports bar. Everyone knows each other at the Manly Wharf, reunited by the taste of good beer and the sea breeze.

To blend in you probably have to get a tan, but that’s no problem in this place! There’s a lot of excitement about the home team, the Sea Eagles. Wharf bar gets crowded when they are playing what makes it a great place to be if you’re a fan.

Family time in the Manly Wharf Hotel.

Along with the family-like treatment of the locals, you’ll get a huge list of options for both drinks and food.  You can catch the game easily in the Manly Wharf Bar, and totally dose off from the daily working stress. It’s also a great place for families! With great service and friendly staff, nice atmosphere and huge tables, you can accommodate yourself and your beloved ones to have a nice family meal with an amazing view.

manly wharf bar

Perfect summer chill

You’ll end up with a great taste of the coast-life that you’ll certainly enjoy, and that will totally make you come back again to this unique place. That’s why locals love this place so much, as it’s a part of their lives they wouldn’t change at all. Want to feel at home while being around Sydney? Hit the Manly Wharf and get the warm, friendly treatment you deserve!


Jason Masson

Jason Masson

22 just out of college and love to find new and interesting drinking spots. My favourite bar is the next one I visit.

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