The Lockhart Bar, Toronto

Lockhart Bar, Toronto.

No Muggles Allowed!

Lockhart Bar, Toronto.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then you have to check the Lockhart Bar, in Toronto. This is a Harry Potter themed bar that will definitely give you a magical hangover!

The Lockhart bar is beautifully decorated to get all the fans of the young wizard excited. It goes from hidden Easter eggs to delicious weirdly-named cocktails alluding to the same universe! So, if you’re a Potter-head, the Lockhart is a definite must-go.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t quite appreciate the details on the decoration. But you would enjoy the delicious cocktails, snacks, and meals they offer like a simple Muggle would.

What are you going to find in the Lockhart bar?

In the Lockhart, you’ll find a fine selection of magically crafted potions, a.k.a cocktails. They have more than 20 and the list just keeps growing and growing! You’ll find the non-copyrighted cousin of the Butterbeer, the Betterbeer! And it tastes freaking delicious! But all the magical fun doesn’t stop there! Their cocktails have a huge nerdy influence we all just love. So if you’re an avid reader, you’ll get the joke behind a lot of their cocktail’s names!

They keep adding options to their menu, including snacks. For some galleons, you can get delicious chocolate frogs! They make them themselves with some magic skills, of course. They also have a brunch menu that will definitely make you believe in magic. With vegan options too!

Via Lockhart

That’s enough… At least for Muggles. They also make “magic nights” and trivia nights to test every fan out there that’s been training their Potter knowledge. Also, they sell merchandise in the store and in their online shop. Want to get your wand? Now you know where to get it!

So, if you ever got disappointed for being a Muggle, you know where to go to get a least a bit of this magical experience. Or a magical hangover!



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