The Best Champagne Flutes

Best champagne flutes

Drinking Champagne is quite special and excellent glasses make the experience a whole lot better.

Champagne glass changes the experience

We all love champagne and sparkling wines and I think we can all agree that perfect champagne glass is a big part of the experience. We have picked our favorite champagne flutes what makes the experience a whole lot fancier. So, which ones are our favorite Champagne flutes?

Whats the difference between Champagne and sparkling wine?

It’s illegal to name any product Champagne unless it came from grapes grown in a specific Champagne region. Therefore, champagne is limited and usually pricey. Sparkling wine is basically anything with bubbles what makes it a lot more affordable and easier to find.

1.Premium Crystal Champagne Flute

These elegant hand blown wedding flutes are our absolute favorites. They are extremely graceful, clear, and make your Champagne taste a lot better!

Buy Here

2. Le'raze Crystal Champagne Toasting Flutes

These elegant champagne glasses with diamond pattern design are perfect for weddings and gifts and will make your bubbles a whole lot tastier. Have a wedding coming up buy them here.

3. Raye Crystal Champagne Flutes by Viski

High-quality champagne glasses with a modern touch are elegant to hold and look absolutely fabulous. The shape of the glass is perfectly designed to make sure none of those delicious bubbles escape the glass.

Buy them here

4. Viski Belmont Crystal Champagne Flutes

Manufactured from lead-free crystal and decorated with a light golden rim around the outside these flutes add style to every event. Sip away and feel like a celebrity!

Simple and classy Buy them here

Finally, which ones to pick?

Honestly, we believe that Champagne is a drink that needs to be enjoyed. When picking Champagne flute you should imagine yourself drinking from it, if you don’t feel like a Royalty you probably need new Champagne flutes. Our recommendation is to pick the ones that suit your personality and home, and sip away!

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Which Champagne flutes do you prefer? Please let us know in the comments below.


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