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The 5 Most Expensive Cocktails In The World

The most expensive cocktails in the world are often made with rare ingredients such as vintage spirits, luxury liqueurs, and exotic fruits. Here are some examples of the most expensive cocktails:

$12,916 (USD)

The Winston is served at Club 23 in Melbourne, Australia, and costs $12,916 (AUD 16,000). It is made with two ounces of 1858 Croizet cognac, Grand Marnier Quintessence liqueur, a dash of bitters, and garnished with a 24-carat gold leaf.

2. The Ruby Rose

$1,500 (USD)

The Ruby Rose is served at the White Barn Inn in Maine, USA, and costs $1,500. It is made with 1990 vintage Krug champagne, Stolichnaya Elite vodka, pomegranate, and rose petal essence garnished with a ruby and a diamond.

The Cocktails below are only expensive because they come with diamonds or jewellery, we don’t think this can be classified as “expensive cocktails” they are diamonds with a cocktails.

3. The Diamond Is Forever

$22,600 (USD)

The Diamond Is Forever is served at the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo, Japan, and costs $22,600 (JPY 2.7 million). It is made with chilled Grey Goose vodka and lime juice, garnished with a one-carat diamond at the bottom of the glass.

4. The Flawless

$64,000 (USD)

The Flawless is served at the Movida nightclub in London, UK, and costs $64,000 (£50,000). It is made with a 1981 vintage Louis XIII cognac, Luxor 24-karat gold flakes, and two grams of diamonds served in a solid gold Swarovski-studded glass.

5. The Ono

$10,000 (USD)

The Ono is served at the XS nightclub in Las Vegas, USA, and costs $10,000. It is made with Louis XIII cognac, Charles Heidsieck 1981 Champagne Charlie, and fresh-squeezed orange juice, garnished with an 18-karat gold necklace with a black pearl pendant.

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Jason Masson

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