Support Bars To Get Them Through These Hard Times

Support your local

Covid-19 has changed everyones lives in some way. Unfortunately hospitality and tourism industry are the biggest sufferers. Some businesses have come up with quite alternative ideas to boost income while others have opted for takeaway. So all we really want to ask if please, please, please support your local bar any way possible.

Getting Creative

We are going through some uncertain times and understand how stressful it can be. Some bars/restaurants have decided to close while others have come up with creative ideas to boost their business in quite unconventional ways. We would like to give them a quick shout-out and hope everyone struggling right now might get some great ideas.

Ways for Bars to make money in Coronavirus?

Food delivery and takeaway are the easiest. You could also try adding craft cocktail kits to the menu. If you cannot open the doors at all maybe try selling merchandise online.

Distilling Hand Sanitizer

Although Distillery’s are not necessary forced to close their doors, many have decided to change their set up, to produce hand sanitizers.

Some like Prohibition Gin South Australia is producing hand sanitizers to supply SA Health, Emergency services, SA Police and of course their loyal customers.

What a great effort to move with the times and give their employees a bit of security in these uncertain times.

Virtual bars

Brewdog craft brewery has come up with an unique idea of a virtual bar. Virtual bars offer quiz nights, tastings and basically everything else you would expect from a bar. Obviously you do need to stock up on booze yourself, but hey still a great idea!

So, tell your friends and meet up virtually at the Brewdogs!

Toilet Paper to Your Door

As well as delivering food and cocktails, some have set up mini grocery stores for easy pickup or delivery. 

They are not selling everything your supermarket has, but they sell essentials like toilet paper, soap, pasta, sauces and much more.

This has been great for some venues as they have the contact to get supplies and they can sell from venues, that are less crowed than supermarket .

Craft Cocktails Delivered

Many bars have opted for delivering their delicious food to your door, but now they are also delivering craft cocktails or cocktail packs to build your own amazing cocktails.

Great example is a PS40 cocktail bar in Sydney which actually designed specialty cocktails what travel well, are reasonably priced and obviously taste amazing!

So sit back, order, call your friends online and let the cocktail party begin!

Virtual concerts

I know it’s sad we can’t go and see talented people in the pubs, but thankfully lots of artists have decided to help us out.

There are lots of celebrities who have done live performances via social media. Even when you are not quite a celebrity yet, performing live is a great way to attract new fans. Trust me, people are bored and they definitely have a bit more time in their hands than usual to enjoy new music!

Checkout Netgigs an Australian startup like Bar Advisor


Plenty of places have their existing merchandise or have designed special items for Coronavirus. This is a great way for business to make some money on the side and provide regulars with some stylish, creative clothing.

You can buy hats, shirts, hoodies and more. Some bars are selling branded cocktail glasses with cocktail kits.

Bars that are looking to create some merchandise quick and cheap without big bulk orders check out Printful


Sadly there are so many hospitality workers who are currently unemployed.  If you are lucky enough to have your full-time job try to help out and donate if possible. There are plenty of charities out there so pick your own or just support your local pub to make sure they can re-open.

Ryan Reynolds and Aviation gin are being extremely generous and are donating 30% off Aviation gin sales for bartenders who have lost their jobs recently. Pretty good deal hey, you can enjoy gin knowing you’ve done something good.

I know times are tough, but please help out if you can any way possible and hopefully we can all stay healthy and enjoy great outdoors, cocktails and socialising sooner rather than later!

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