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Sunbird Tequila

BarAdvisor had a chance to talk to David Drag from Sunbird tequila to find out more about the spirit and plans for the future.

Keeping it natural

To keep products as natural, healthy, and ecologically friendly as possible Sunbird spirits are made with:

*natural flavors – all flavors are from dragon fruit or pitahaya (or pitaya) which is unique in the world of infused tequilas and has plenty of health benefits.
*have no added sugars
*bottles are shipped in biodegradable plastic bags and are made from recycled, hand-painted glass
*boxes are made from recycled materials
*products are kosher, gluten-free and keto-friendly

Sunbird Tequila mix

Started from the love of agave

Traditional tequila is rough on the throat. Typically, it is watered down with a mixer. Mixing tequila gets rid of the taste of agave, which is what tequila is all about. Founders of Sunbird were after a tequila that would be easy to drink straight, and you could appreciate the flavor of agave. They had a maestro tequilero and a team of experts experiment with different flavors. After plenty of trials, they created a sipping tequila with natural flavors from fruit and roots with a silky smooth Blanco tequila.

Sunbird Tequila

Plans for the future

There are plenty more products coming shortly. They are also registering a mark “Release your Phoenix” because like the Phoenix, resurrected from the ashes, they look up, and see life with a new perspective.

We can’t wait to see them grow.

Jason Masson

Jason Masson

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