Got A Hangover?

It ‘s Sunday morning and you wake up with a terrible headache, all sounds are way too loud, and the sun is brighter than usual. Yep, you most certainly have a hangover.

Although last night was amazing and you had the time of your life you are now paying for it and wishing you wouldn’t have taken that last shot.

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Best Hangover Cures

Now let’s answer that good old question “How to cure a hangover?” Well there are many myths and legendary ways on what is supposed to help a hangover, but most of them are just myths. Luckily there are some real hangover cures that can help everyone and can help you too. Here is a list of the best ways and also myths worth trying to feel better the next time you have too much to drink.

What is the best hangover Cure?

We believe it all depends on you, but Macca’s coke is the best hangover cure for me. But Hangover pills have also work before as well mainly with cheap wine hangovers.

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1. Drink Water

Drinking water is a must- Go One For One. A great way to soften or prevent a hangover is for every alcoholic drink you have, have a glass of water. As you know there are all those frequent bathroom trips the night of drinking, which in return makes your body dehydrated and that is most likely where your headache is from. Before you go to sleep (if you remember to) try to drink a couple of glasses of water.

2. Pills

Not those types of pills…we are talking about headache tablets. They are not really a hangover cure, but more a softener.

Typically it is ok to take an ibuprofen or aspirin the next morning to ease your head. Try not to take acetaminophen though. While drinking your liver goes into overtime to metabolize alcohol, so with the mix of acetaminophen it can damage your liver.

Do not go overboard with taking any medication though, a few should do the trick and make sure to drink water and eat while taking medication (and of course consult a doctor).

Check out Drugs To Stop Hangovers.

3. Food

Having a meal before drinking is a great way to prevent a hangover. Not only will it absorb the alcohol and digest it better, but it will fill you up making you possibly not feeling like another beer. Unfortunately eating greasy food to cure a hangover is a myth, you should actually eat healthy food because the nutrition will help offset the negative effects of alcohol. I am not saying it will make it ok to drink, but it helps.

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4. Coffee

Coffee fixes everything, right? Wrong! Coffee could have positive or negative effects as a hangover cure. There is no proof that it helps in any way. But the placebo effect is strong with this one, so if you believe strong enough it might help.

5. McDonalds Coke

Once again this is a myth, but lots of people claim McDonald’s coke has a magical effect on hangovers.  People also say it has to be just right- not too fizzy, not too cold, not too flat, not too warm. Well I agree, when it is just right it can move the earth, but it is not a cure. Once again if you believe it is helping you- go for it!

6. Excercise

Are you crazy? Yes, some people claim that exercise is a great hangover cure and it gets you back on your feet. Well, they are sort of right. Most exercising is done on your feet. Sweating it out is sadly another myth, but if you are hydrated getting rid of some calories you drink last night is not really a bad idea?

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7. SEX

If you need an excuse, here it is. Sex makes everything better, science has proven it (NOT). The number one way to get rid of a hangover is sex (no scientific test have been done to prove this). Sorry to say this, but it could actually make it worse. You need your energy and you need to stay hydrated plus you throwing up might not be the most attractive sight.

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8. Hangover Clinics

More and more hangover clinics are popping up. They used to be just in Vegas, but now you can pretty much find one in every major city.

What are they? Hangover clinics use an IV to pump you up with vitamins. It’s like taking all the good things straight into your blood stream.

We have not tried it yet, but one day we will definitely give it a go.

Whats the Best?

Don’t drink! Ha ha… No the main thing is just get your rest eat lots of food (good food) and drink plenty of water.

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