Square- easiest way to take payments

Square is an easy, new and great way to accept payments either online, or in person.

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What is Square?

Square is a new, safe, and easy way to accept credit card payments either online or in person. The square payment platform offers a wide range of options- you will be able to get accurate reports online, create custom invoices, take payments over the phone, or even create an online store.

Where could I use square?

Square is quite universal. It can be used in the hospitality sector (cafes, restaurants), retail, markets, beauty industry, health & fitness, trades, and other services- so, basically everywhere!

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How to use it and is it expensive?

When signing up with Square you will be guided through the process of using it, but trust me compared to every other POS out there Square is the easiest one to get used to and set up. It depends on your business set up, but basically, you have 2 options:
1.Square reader- a tiny little square that you can connect to your phone to accept payments outdoors, over the counter, etc.
2.Square terminal- all-in-one credit and EFTPOS machine for payments and receipts.
Square charges 1.9% on the transaction for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, EFTPOS, and international credit cards. There is an option to discuss custom rates for businesses processing more than $250,000 annually. In our opinion Square is reasonably cheap compared to the competition.

Why square?

If it was not clear enough we think Square is the easiest and cheapest way to process credit card transactions for small businesses. It takes the stress out of the payment process plus it looks pretty cool and modern at the same time! If you are thinking about changing your POS system we would recommend giving Square a go.

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