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  • Irish Car Bomb
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  • Onding

The shot glass, or Tequila's nightmare glass.

The sturdy shot glass has earned the respect of everyone who likes partying. So, if you are a party-soul, then you know it for sure. Want to get hammered? Order some shots!

Some people love the shot glass, and some are fearsome of it. Whichever is your case, it doesn’t actually matter. The shot glass is pretty much known everywhere around the world, but probably nobody gives it the right use. Why? Because it was not created to drink from it!

A measuring glass turns in to a staple in every bar.

This tiny glass was created to measure drinks while serving drinks or creating cocktails. It’s perfect for measuring! It holds about 30ml in most types and comes in several shapes and sizes. It’s used to drink high proof alcohol, such as Tequila, Vodka or Rum.

Everyone enjoys a round of shots in a bar. So, if the bar you go to doesn’t have shot glasses, stop going there!

History got shot. Get it?

The first shot glasses were produced as “tasters“, used to taste small amounts of strong spirits. These appeared in the 1700s and stood in the alcohol business until now. The first one was hand blown and had a lot of imperfections. So, when the industries of glass improved, the glasses did too.

There are a lot of types of this glasses around, and they vary the most in matters of size. The smallest one reaches 20ml, and the biggest reach as much as 100ml. I wouldn’t try to drink a shot from the biggest one.

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Common uses.

You can prepare cocktails in a shot glass. Why not? Wouldn’t that be cute? Like a baby snake! You can prepare the B52, the SlipperyNipple, the TBT, KamikazeBlue and the Landslide!

Also, you can keep it neat, and drink hard booze in shots. These go great with beer! Just, please, don’t drive home because it might be the last time… you have shots.

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