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BarAdvisor had a chance to talk to Danny Strapps from Shifty Lizard about all things beer and recently added Soul Bird Gin.

What is Shifty Lizard all about?

Shifty Lizards’ tagline is #GoodFunBeer, and they are all about having a bit of fun and not taking life too seriously. Even though they like to have fun, they still ensure the high quality of all products. Recently Shifty Lizard added a gin to their range called Soul Bird Gin. The idea behind it was to add something dark and adventurous to breweries’ bright, fun vibe. 

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Started by two long-time friends

Shifty Lizard started almost 5 years ago when Lee Stone (head brewer, long-time friend of Danny, and business partner) returned from the UK. He had experience with home brewing and he decided to give it another go. The feedback was great, and he turned to Danny for help with the logo. In December 2016 Shifty Lizard received the license and has been a huge success ever since. The Taphouse turned brewstillery has been around and developing into what it is today since January 2017.

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Keeping it fun

The mission at the Shifty Lizard is to keep it light-hearted, creative, and fun. You can see it in the labels with quirky names and bright colours. In 2021 Shifty Lizards plans to focus more on some limited-release beers. It will help to keep it fun for the producers, and those that enjoy sampling new and interesting beer styles. Beer and gin are best enjoyed with friends and good times.

Soul Bird gin Night Pink night

More new releases

There is a 12 month, 3-year, and 5-year plan, but in the ever-changing world, all you can do is to adapt to the current market. There are lots more limited releases on the horizon which is shaping up to be fun!

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