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Security Cameras For Your Bar

Wired, Wired, Wired is the most important thing to keep in mind when installing a security system. Wireless options are not good, as you need to be recording all the time. Wireless cameras will probably not even last one night. They are just not built for it.
But don’t cheap out, you are getting cameras because you want to protect your staff and your business. You need to be able to make out the person, so make sure you spend that little bit more for 4K HD.

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If you want to make sure you can tell who the troublemakers are, the Lorex outdoor 4K pan-tilt-zoom camera is the one for you. This camera is a little pricey, but we have seen it time and time again. When you kick out someone, they might end up kicking in a $2000 window, or worse, injuring a team member. Make sure you can make out their face and hand over the footage to the police with ease with the Lorex Recorder.

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Great bang for buck 12 camera pack

8 bullet cameras, 4 dome cameras, this Lorex 4k wired security camera system is perfect for smaller bars. You can cover all areas quite easily, and the quality is amazing. This easy to install and small footprint setup for around $1000 is perfect.


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Reolink 4K Smart PoE System

This is a great middle-ground kit to help you monitor your staff and patrons. It has 14 cameras which are perfect for indoor and outdoor. Monitor everything from your phone while backing up to your 3TB harddrive locked in the office. It’s pretty easy to install yourself, or a handyman could probably get it done pretty cheap if you are not confident.

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Hidden Camera Finder (Detector)

Every bar owner needs a hidden camera finder. Before every shift, make sure you sweep the women’s toilet and the men’s toilet. Spy cameras are so small these days that you can hide them almost everywhere. This RF Bug Detector should find them.

There is one for around $70 and one for around $300. They both do the job. The more expensive has a stronger signal, so you don’t need to get as close to the hidden camera.

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