Robot Restaurant and Bar, in Tokyo.

Robot Restaurant and Bar

Tokyo, Japan

Robot Restaurant and Bar, in Tokyo.

If you think robots can’t be fun you probably haven’t been to the Robot Restaurant and Bar in Tokyo. And especially, if you think you’ve seen everything, then we assume you haven’t been to Tokyo. Tokyo by itself is a magnificent experience and once you check out the Robot bar, you’ll be loving it.

What’s so exciting about the Robot Restaurant and Bar?

Tokyo has a lot of different things to do even if you come from a modern country/culture you’ll be surprised. The Robot Restaurant and Bar is a little bit more than just “different”. When you get there, you’ll find lots of tourists wondering what is going on just like you’ll probably feel! When you enter, the lights, the ambiance, and the decor are going to get you even more excited about what’s about to happen. You’ll get to a long aisle, where you can buy drinks or some snacks- it’s just interesting Japanese drinks, some cocktail options, beers and so on.

Sit back and enjoy the starting show…in about 20 minutes you’ll be asking yourself; “what the hell am I doing here?” Nobody can quite describe the show at the Robot Restaurant. It’s just a mix of Manga, Dinosaurs, Robots, Dancers, Music, Lights and Japanese magic. If you remember you’re in Japan or enjoy the weird-but-fun show it’s going on in front of you, then you’ll totally love the experience! The show lasts about one and a half hour, so get ready for that.

This is one of the greatest places to check out the contemporary Japanese culture at its fullest, and you’ll either love it or hate it! It’s probably the greatest one-time-experience ever!



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