Want to throw Risky Events in your bar?

Depends on your bar, but these can bring in big crowds. But it might not be the crowd you want.

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Risky events and why you should do them in your bar.

If you’ve already tried everything, from classic events to unique events and these didn’t work as well as you thought they would, then you should start thinking about trying some risky events.

Risky events are the ones that everyone loves, but no one dears to say they do. It might be because they’re afraid of being judged or something alike. The good thing is that, right now, the rest of the world just doesn’t care about judging (at least the smart part of it). If you too don’t care, then you should definitely try some risky events. You’ll have to go all the way in, just to get your customers happy! Hey, it’s all about having fun here!

Risky events can type cast your bar and you need to be a where that once you have that reputation it is hard to go back.

Risky events ideas you should try.

The best bar games are the ones that are quick and get more people evolved. Games like Skee-Ball, darts and two up are popular because they are quick and get lots of people involved.

Pool and Foosball are long and all your focus is on two people, they are great games but people can loose interest when they are not playing.

Wet T-shirt comp
Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash

1. Wet-shirts contest

Everyone loves wet-shirts. Everyone. That’s it, believe us, it will work.

2. Jelly wrestling

We’ve all seen that movie in which they fight inside a pool with jelly, chocolate, or any other deliciously wasted desserts. It might seem like a little gross, but this is actually really fun and some of your youngest customers would surely love to participate. Especially if there are some hot girls/boys involved!

3. Go topless!

This is an interesting idea for a sexy, party night. Everything that involves half-naked waitressing with both man and women, is really interesting, or maybe you can get your customers half-naked, too!

arm wrestling
Image by Gratisography pexels

4. Bro-contests:

from the creators of bro-science, bro-splits, and more bro-stuff, comes the bro-contests, a.k.a. Bro-limpiads. Everything that has to do with strength, arm-wrestling, slapping contests and beer-bongs falls into this category. Just make sure to have plenty of first-aid kits for these events.

5. Shoot stuff

Yep, we know that you shouldn’t mix alcohol with guns, but that’s why they’re called risky events. Organize a really interesting contest of shooting targets with air-pressure guns! This will definitely get your gun enthusiast customers into play, and most of the time, they’re nice people too. Make sure that you offer some shooting classes before this one. We don’t want no rookie shooting himself in the feet!

Photo by FitNish Media on Unsplash

6. Bikini/Strongperson Competitions

Add a little bit of competition to that half-naked thing and you’ll get really interesting results! Maybe it’s time for your customers to show their stage skills and abs, or maybe their jelly-like belly; it’s all about having a nice time!

7. April's fools

This is the day to start giving everything away for free; free drinks, free tables, free money. Even though that would get you great affluence of customers, you might not see them again… Nope, just kidding. Make your customers have a prank-off with each other, and give a prize to the best prank of the day!

Keep it safe with these risky events.

With the first rule being safety, you could definitely try out one of these (or maybe all of them) crazy risky events to bring in new customers and turn them into regulars! Be safe and have some crazy fun.

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