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BarAdvisor had a chance to talk to Linn Philips-Johansson, brand manager for RHUBI Mistelle, to find out more about the product, plans for the future, and more.

What is RHUBI?

RHUBI is an Australian aperitif made from rhubarb, created by some of Australia’s most awarded bartenders. The intention was to create something compelling for trade but accessible for mainstream drinkers. It’s flavourful with less sugar or alcohol compared to competitors. RHUBI is best served with soda to create a perfect spritz.

RHUBI summer cocktails

Started by the team from Bulletin Place

RHUBI Mistelle was born by experimenting by the team of the award-winning Bulletin Place. Bar Manager Evan Stroeve and venue owner Tim Philips-Johansson were passionate about experimenting with different styles of fermentation, making their own cocktail ingredients and low alcohol fruit wines.
Fermenting rhubarb was one of these experiments, and while doing so, they accidentally rejuvenated the forgotten category of Mistelle. By pairing the fermented rhubarb juice with juniper spirit, gentian, grapefruit, and mandarin skins, the team realized their small-batch product was delicious enough to be commercialized. Nobody had made something quite like it before, and this is how RHUBI Mistelle was born back in 2018. After perfecting the recipe, they ended up with RHUBI as we know it, beautifully bottled at 18% and distributed nationally via Vanguard Luxury Spirits.

RHUBI cocktails

Perfect RHUBI spritz

Mix 45ml of RHUBI over ice in a highball or wine glass
Top up with soda
Garnish with a grapefruit wedge (or any other citrus of your choice)

Plans for the future

RHUBI is already stocked and supported at some of Australia’s best bars across 212 accounts, and there are grand plans to grow and take the brand even further.

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