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Always Drink Responsibly & In Moderation. Excessive Drinking May Be Harmful to Your Health.

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What is Rejoove?

“HUNGOVER – Can’t Sleep? You’re not alone – The Truth about ‘Hang-xiety’ “

Australian company Clever Health specialises in manufacturing of medicines that solve lifestyle problems. They’ve started with the biggest and the toughest – hangovers.

Clever Health went against the trend of hangover cures and  focused on “sleep” side of the hangover. Sleep is one of the most important parts to waking up fresh and seizing the day. Drinking affects your sleep, especially important REM Sleep.

We are excited to introduce Rejoove ‘Hangover Relief’ by Clever Health.


Is the first and only Australian made hangover product that is a dual formula, focued on making you sleeping better). Composed of some of the most powerful herbs of ancient Chinese medicine, amino acids and vitamins.

Drinking Tablets – Take Two Before Drinking

Sleeping Tablets – Take Two Before Bed

Tablets are Gluten Free and Sugar Free

PlanninThe Geek Lifeg is the key

You can tell that Rejoove was created by a couple of overthinking scientists who drank too much.  They didn’t just pump a bunch of Vitamin C and other good sounding things into a simple pill. They designed a worlds-first dual formula hangover cure. Yes, now when your are drunk you need to remember to take pills as well as not losing your wallet. Sorry,  but hopefully you wake up fresh as a daisy.

The sleeping formula (for post-alcohol consumption), contains a unique blend of plants and herbs traditionally used to calm the mind, relax the body & expel body heat while promoting a restful night’s sleep. This prevents the onset of ‘physical’ symptoms such nausea and headache as well as ‘mental’ symptoms such as irritability and anxiety on the following day.

Rejoove is also classified as all-natural so you don’t need to stress about what ingredients pills might have.

Our Thoughts

We are definitely excited about the fact that Rejoove is all natural and also concentrates on you having a good sleep, plus it’s based on science!
Full Review of us giving Rejoove a go will be up in the next couple of weeks.
Jason Masson

Jason Masson

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