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Take trivia nights to the next level with QuizzaMe Trivia!

Trivia nights are a patron-favorite all around Australia and the world – but it’s not usually the most organized event you can put together.

If you’re looking to optimize the trivia night experience you offer at your venue, the Quiz Masters of QuizzaMe Trivia can help you out.

QuizzaMe Trivia is a company that took trivia night to the next level, providing your patrons with a much better and streamlined experience than what you could offer with pencils and paper.

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How do you do trivia night at your bar?

Doing trivia night the right way takes a ton of organization on your side.

You need paper, pencils, someone to host the game, and even more effort to keep everyone entertained and in line.

That, along with all the duties you or your staff may have can be a difficult task to perform.


That’s exactly what QuizzaMe Trivia realized when they decided to do something about the issue!

Easy for Bar owners

QuizzaMe is an amazing solution for bar owners like you.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about anything!

When you use QuizzaMe Trivia, their staff will come to your bar and set up everything.

That includes the controllers, which we love, along with the software they need to operate the game.

They’ll even provide a Quiz Master, which is someone trained specially to host trivia nights, and usually has a background in entertainment.

That’s awesome if you always have to sacrifice the member of your staff with the most charisma to do it.

QuizzaMe is the solution you need to host a successful trivia night every night you want!

Check one out today!

We endorse QuizzaMe as one of the best services ever created!

Why? Because we know how good trivia night is to create a sense of community with the patrons of your bar.

Offering trivia nights with this company will optimize the process, so you offer the best experience every time you can

This can also and increase your conversions and maximize customer fidelity – which is the final objective behind the service.


Are you ready for trivia night?

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