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First off we do not recommend only having QR code menus. You could lose revenue. Read below for more info

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QR Code menus, here to stay?

With Covid came lots of changes to the way people interact and complete simple tasks. The task of viewing a menu or ordering a beer has also changed. But is it here to stay.

Yes, yes it is. We will be viewing menus and ordering food without leaving our tables using QR codes. This is a simple and easy option for your customers. But will this increase revenue or be costing you business. At the moment we are on the side of loosing you money. But as the tech grows this will be earning you more money.

For a great QR menu system checkout Bonee as low as $9 a month

You could lose money if you only have QR codes.

Story time: It was a cold wet night my partner and I stopped in for a drink at a quite little wine bar, we ordered a glass of wine sat down and started thinking we would love a bite to eat.

Not finding a menu I asked the bartender who was very busy, he pointed to a frame on the wall with QR code.

Great, easy pulled out my phone scanned the QR code “error” tried again “error” told the bartender and asked for a real menu. He said we only have QR code. Being to much of a hassle we finished out glass and left.

Obstacles lose customers

As a business owner you know having the door open is inviting to customers. When the door is closed this is an obstacle for customers to get passed. QR codes can be an obstacle for customers. It is a closed menu that can be hard to open, you cant order from a closed menu.

But this is not to say QR codes are not the future, it is just going to take some time to educate patrons and fix all the the little kinks.

When these work and are in the hands of a good user the ease of ordering another drink is only one click away.

There is no reason you cant have both.

QR and beyond

You need to have a QR code menu have it in your window, put it is a picture frame on the wall or the bar. People love tech and now you can view the menu and order you drinks or food to your table life just got a hell of a lot easier. At BarAdvisor we are working on something even better and easier than QR codes, but the world and tech might not be ready for it just yet.

QR companies and products

There are 100’s of QR code menu companies out there now. Pre-Covid there was 5 or 10 companies pushing it now literally 100’s with prices ranging from Free – $100per month. We will have a full review coming soon.

Our Preferred company at the moment is Bonee their support is great. The platform is expandable if you want just QR menu or online orders and payments, bookings, takeaway you can even send orders straight to your kitchen printer.

Check out their page here Bonee.net

The death of Bartenders!

Sad to say that this will be the end of “bartenders” well bartenders as we know them in movies like cocktail. The connection between customers and bartenders will disappear, opening up new avenues for servers.

QR code menus are here to stay you can get on it now or later. I do not feel you will lose customers not having QR code menus, but you might if you only have QR code menus.


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Jason Masson

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