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Trying To Protected Endangered Species, one cocktail at a time.

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Booze and Fundraising

While many liquor and alcohol companies fundraise and sponsor charities these four below actively get involved in helping endangered species.

If you want to support more charitable alcohol brands check out the brands below.

Can I make my own liquor?

Making liquor at home is easy if you have the right ingredients. The easiest one is with young mead, a mix of honey, yeast and water that’s aged for at least couple of weeks. There are so many other options to create your own liquor. It’s all about trying!

But making it taste good is something else.

gray whale gin
From Gray Whale Gin

1. Gray Whale Gin

An interesting product from California, Gray Whale Gin is bold, mature and delicious. It’s easy to drink. It’s associated with ocean wildlife charities so some of the profits from each bottle and candles made with recycled bottles are dedicated to preserving Gray Whales. 

2. Snow Leopard Vodka

Another renown one, this U.K.-based company makes interesting and straight-to-the-point vodka named after Snow Leopards. The Himalayan species are critically endangered, something noticed by its funder; Stephen Sparrow. He dedicated this awesome vodka to help the majestic cats as well as other fundraisers around the U.K. Amazing work!

Reyka vodka
Via Reyka Vodka

3. Reyka Vodka

Yet another amazing brand, Reyka is based in Iceland, and is dedicated to protect the beautiful Atlantic Puffin. This beautiful Icelandic bird is, well just so cute that they had to do something. Through their program many donations go straight to the National Audubon Society, which is in charge of bird preservation around the world.

Amarula Protect endangered species
Via Amarula

4. Amarula Cream

A delicious South African liquor created with cream and marula, a delicious fruit that African Elephants love, is the booze behind their protection. This company has been raising money for the species since the early 2000s. Not only this is a delicious product, but it’s also one of the most important donors to the cause.

Help the Animals

People often believe that all hope is gone. Still, as we gather as a society, we can improve ourselves and the simplest aspect of our lives to help our co-habitants of this world- animals.

Even more, we can do this simply by enjoying a delightful glass of one of these spirits. Are you ready to collaborate with their preservation? Then make sure to donate as much as you can. Cheers to that!

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