Pro Boston Shaker Set. Unweighted 18oz & Weighted 28oz


Pro Boston Shaker has been selected by professionals and is a tough shaker suitable for a bar or home use. It has plenty of good qualities:

  1. Pro Boston Shaker is made with food-grade Stainless Steel 304 and is dishwasher safe. It is extremely durable and will not break like glass shakers, it also has no rubber seal to wear out.
  2. Pro Boston shaker has been tested and offers a perfect water-tight seal. Unlike other shakers, it will not freeze shut or drip when pouring a drink what means less mess for everyone!
  3. Boston shaker can be used for a variety of drinks. Use the shaker for shaken drinks like Margaritas, bottom thin should be used for stirred drinks like Martinis.
  4. Boston shaker has a  weighted shaker paired with unweighted cheater tin what creates an amazing opportunity to create the most amazing drinks.


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