A Bar Above Mixing Glass for Stirred Cocktails

Who doesn’t love sipping on a cocktail in a rooftop bar? Adelaide’s rooftop bars turn it up a little with beautiful views over the Adelaide parklands. Adelaide host I wide variety of different rooftop bars from historic pubs where you can sit and have a Parmi on the roof, to 5-star hotels with perfectly crafted cocktails


Cocktail mixing glass

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A bar above mixing glass has been hand-selected by professional bartenders. It’s 550 ml/18 oz size fits either one or two cocktails while still being comfortable to hold with one hand. Compatible with all industry-standard Julep and Hawthorne Cocktail strainers. This mixing glass is hand-blown what makes it a lot more durable. It is dishwasher safe, but hey knowing that you’ll have to deal with less broken glass is a massive positive already! It is steady, weighted base keeps it solidly in place while stirring.  Its sides are straight and meet the weighted bottom at the perfect angle so your spoon can mix effortlessly. A bar above mixing glass really is the perfect choice for all the pros and home bartenders out there. They also come in a cool box which makes it a great present!  

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