A Bar Above 14 Piece Cocktail Kit


A bar above 14 piece cocktail kit in copper is a perfect choice for a craft bartender, it is actually hand-selected by a professional bartender. This kit includes everything needed to create high-end cocktails at home or behind the bar.

This kit is made of professional high-grade stainless steel and natural hardwood. It is designed to last a lifetime, it will not rust or break.

A bar above 14 piece cocktail kit comes in a beautiful box and is a great gift for someone who likes to try new things at home or a professional bartender. The kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and with two cocktail recipes. A wide range of tools gives you the opportunity to make all kinds of drinks from shaken to stirred.

So, if you are after all-in-one kit we recommend  A bar above 14 piece cocktail kit.

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