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Privilege nightclub, Ibiza.

If you’re into partying you must visit Ibiza. Ibiza is the Mecca of party, nightlife, electronic and dance music. On this Spanish island you’ll find many options for nightclubs and while trying to find a spot we recommend visiting Privilege, the biggest nightclub in the world.

The Privilege Ibiza was created in the early 70’s as a restaurant and has been evolving ever since. The club has been expanding throughout the years, and now it fits about 10,000 people ready to jump and shout when the next song comes on!

What is the Biggest Nightclub in the world?

The Answer is Privilege Ibiza. According to the Guinness Book of Records Privilege is the world’s largest nightclub aka a Superclub with a capacity of 10,000 people. You can fin Privilege close to San Rafael, Ibiza, Spain. You will find some of the best DJ’s playing there over summer.

The evolution of Privilege Ibiza.

The mighty nightclub Privilege has changed a lot throughout time, it used to be called Ku Club, but changed its name in one of its many ownership changes. Also, the parties have changed through time, with the Privilege Ibiza having events such as the Manumission, one of the biggest expressions of hedonism in history. Imagine a party where you could actually do whatever (and we mean this) you want to do. Things got a bit out of hand with drugs and substance abuse at the events, and they no longer take place since 2006. That doesn’t change the fact that they achieved a maximum attendance of 13.000 people attending the event, being one of the biggest in history!

Privilege has had a lot of influence in the rest of the nightlife on the whole island, having set the precedents to other nightclubs such as the Amnesia, which is actually really close.

It now hosts parties such as Resistance and SupermartXé, with mind-blowing attendance, music and drinks.

Privilege Ibiza
Photo by Jeff Tumale on Unsplash

Enjoy the Privilege Ibiza at its fullest!

To fully enjoy this place you have to hit it during summer holidays.  You can go alone, or you could even bring everyone you know and they won’t run out of space! It’s the best place for meeting people from around the world and to bust a move to their sick music!

Are you ready for the ultimate nightclub experience?


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