Bar Safety Measures: Understanding the Angel Shot

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Safety is a crucial

Safety is a crucial concern when visiting bars and nightclubs, which is why innovative ideas like the Angel Shot have gained momentum in recent years. This secret code helps people discreetly ask for help when they find themselves in uncomfortable or risky situations. In this article, we delve into the Angel Shot, how it works, and how bars can implement this crucial safety measure effectively.

What is an Angel Shot?

The Angel Shot is an undercover way for patrons to communicate their need for assistance to the bar staff. By ordering an “Angel Shot,” you’re signaling to the staff that you’re in a situation that requires immediate attention.

Why It Matters

The concept aims to provide a safe way out for individuals who may be on a date gone wrong or feel threatened. Since its inception, the Angel Shot has been praised for its clever approach to enhancing personal safety.

How Does it Work?

The idea is simple. You approach the bartender and ask for an Angel Shot. Depending on how you order it, the bar staff will provide different types of assistance:

  • Neat: You’ll be escorted to your car.
  • On the Rocks: The bar staff will call a taxi or rideshare service for you.
  • With Lime: The bar staff will contact the police.

How Can Bars Implement the Angel Shot?

Bars interested in offering this service can start by training their staff on the different signals and how to respond. It’s important to ensure all employees are aware of the protocol to maintain consistency.

Marketing the Initiative.

Once the staff is trained, the next step is to let patrons know that the service is available. This is typically done by displaying a poster in women’s restrooms or other discreet locations within the establishment. Make sure the poster is easy to read and understand.

In Conclusion

The Angel Shot is an ingenious safety measure that has already made a significant impact in the bar and nightclub scene. By understanding its function and promoting its use, we can all contribute to making nightlife safer for everyone involved.

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