Plastic straws are not needed and people might like your bar less if you still use them.

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The plastic straw debate

Sorry to say it, but we are not the biggest fans of paper, bamboo and wheat straws. They just don’t feel right,  they taste a bit funny and they don’t look like what we are used to, but that being said we would not use a plastic straw again and think a little less of bars that still serve with plastic.

When we are forced to use a recyclable straw it makes no difference to our night. The interesting part is when we do not have the option and a bartender just puts a plastic straw in our drink it might change our attitude. Sorry to say it, but if you own a bar in 2019 that just adds a plastic straw without asking, you will be frowned upon.

We feel that in 2019 it is socially unacceptable to use a plastic straw when there are so many other options.

We had this problem in a bar the other day when they offered us plastic or paper. We wanted to say plastic, but we chose paper. Why? because we’re not selfish. We just need to toughen up and get used to something new.  In a years time we will be so used to the change and may have saved a turtle.

Are plastic straws recyclable?

Quick answer NO, long answer Yes. Technically most plastic straws are recyclable, but there are two reasons they do not get recycled. One, people just don’t recycle them. Two, they are too hard for recycling companies to manage, so they do not accept them. The best bet is to just move away from a product that is out of date, there is no need for plastic straws anymore.

If you can watch the whole video and still prefer a plastic straw you’re a terrible person.

We are going to Save the Planet!

So you choosing to use a paper straw instead of plastic is not going to save the planet, there are plenty more environmentally damaging products out there. But why use a straw that could be harmful to the environment when there is an environment-friendly alternative.

Apparently 500million straws are used every day in just USA, what is pretty messed up. Just think about them all in your backyard that is a lot of space for something what is so irrelevant to life.

Like we said- we love a cocktail with a plastic straw, but we have realized that we just don’t need a plastic straw.


As a drinker you have no reason to use a plastic straw. You have the  choice. If there are no plastic straws, are you really going to stop drinking? NO.

So we as drinkers just need to jump in when the  bartender goes to put a plastic straw in your glass, don’t be rude just say no thanks before they do it.

Best paper straws
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Bar Owners

As a bar owner we understand quality and price are the biggest reasons why you will not get environmentally friendly straws. But if you help to educate/train patrons to not use a straw at all this would be best.

Promote the fact of not even using a straw.

  1.  Design cocktails that do not need straws.
  2.  Ask if they want a straw, ask it like a bad thing. (don’t be rude)
  3.  Just don’t have a straw option at all, “sorry we don’t use straws”
Make more money, with the lack of straws there are two ways you can make more money. You can save on not buying straws and people drink faster without straws.

Recyclable Straw Drama

We know new straw companies are trying to help the environment, but stop with all the drama. If you really cared that much about the environment there are million better things you could be doing.

You are still in it to make money stop worrying about branding straws and about telling everyone how much you love the environment. Just get down to business, getting aggressive against the plastic straw companies on price and delivery times. Bars and clubs will change if the price and quality is the same. They don’t care what your name is or that your CEO went to the Bahamas and saved a pigeon.

PS: bars and nightclubs owners

Prices will come down if you support them. These companies are manufacturing such small amounts compared to the plastic companies that they cannot compete on price “YET“. If every bar and nightclub turned to environmentally friendly options the price will drop very quickly.

Checkout some of out features

Plastic straws
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The time has come

It does not matter where you stand on this issue or how much you support it. Plastic is on its way out so we may as well just get with the times and remove it from our bars, clubs and lives. If you can’t go through life without a plastic straw you have some issues and we suggest finding a really good doctor.

Please let us know your thoughts on the topic and leave your comments below.


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