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Check out the greatest hens Party ideas to make it the best night of her life.

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Hens Party Ideas to Make this her best night ever!

Planning the perfect bachelorette party can be harder than it sounds. That’s why we will share with you some of the best hens party ideas so you can make the best party for you soon-to-be married BFF!

First of all, you need to know that this night is about the bride. Everything must be focused on her pleasure and amusement, so the one organizing this must be someone who knows here well. Especially if it’s a surprise! If you don’t think you know your homegirl that much maybe just ask her what she would like (notice the would, so there’s room for surprise or improvements), what is in her no-no list, people he wants to invite, and people she doesn’t want to see, hear, or smell. All of the relevant information you can get from the bride. Of course, it’s better if you don’t even bother her with too many questions, because believe us, she’s got a lot on her mind already.

Hens party ideas:

Barhopping and nightclubbing are classics, but you can get the bride to do different stuff. Take her on a trip with the bridesmaids, take her to a top-notch fancy dinner, take her skydiving, take her to the beach, and more. Find a way of bonding with her and creating beautiful memories for her last night being single!

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Theme / Style

As we said before, a party can have multiple styles. Check out the best style hens party ideas:

  • Classic/Traditional: These are the ones when you rent an events space or restaurant and have a blast with the bride, her family and friends, and maybe even the groom. Also, they are packed with traditional games for the bride and groom, dance competitions, and a little bit of drinking. These are great, conservative, familiar, and packed with much fun. Still, these aren’t as wild as others can get, and have a more family-friendly development.
  • Adventure: The bride loves travelling? The best way to celebrate then is to hit the road and go discover that city or country she always wanted to visit! Go wild in nature, go hit the casinos, visit that museum she wants to go to, go to a great spa, or just go and try that culinary heaven she loves the most! You can also try new activities, like scuba diving, snowboarding, surfing, or climbing.
  • Vip/Gala: These are the best for glamour-lovers. With all the Sex & The City vibe going on, you’ll make the bride feel like the most empowered and wanted woman in the city. Dress up for the occasion, invite a few selected guests, and get the party started with great wine and food. Stay classy!
  • Trashy/Go Wild!: The last day of singlehood is finally here… Why not throw the house out the window one more time? Lit up the dance floor, get great drinks from the best bar in town, and just go wild showing your dance moves at the most exciting nightclub in town. You can get a Magic Mike type of experience, too! The hangover will be worth it!

These are our main ideas, but still, you can mix them all together to get the best hens party ideas!

Planning isBudgeting and Communication the key

An overlooked part of many guides out there is the budget. That’s why we include this topic among our hens party ideas! Of course, the bride must not pay anything, or at least she shouldn’t. She’s probably got an immense bill for the wedding! When you’ve got all the things in the to-do list, find out about the prices of everything on that list. From decoration to drinks and food, everything needs to be listed with price. 

Did it get expensive? That’s why you need to know who you’re counting on with once you get the list of attendants. Communication is vital for getting the right budget, so contact all of the party girls invited and coordinate a budget that allows you to put all the fun together.

Also, since you need to be communicating with other attendants you must know a way of informing them all about the itinerary and more. Get group chats going with all of them!

set an Itinerary

If you want to have fun and make sure that everything runs smoothly during this celebration, you’ll need a tight itinerary. Everything previously discussed and agreed by all the attendants is the best way of ensuring everything goes right! Also, don’t forget to get a great transportation for the night. If you’re doing it right, none of you ladies should be able to keep your balance!

Entertain the bride- it's her night

Even though this night is all about the bride, she can’t be the focus of all the party! Show off your dance moves for her, make jokes, have fun completing dares and challenges, and more! Even though this is a special night, she’ll want to live things as one of your good old party nights! Every girl in the squad should have some spotlight to make the bride laugh, cry, and create memories with them.

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Stand Out Outfits / decoration

Dress up and decorate the place for the occasion! You’ll want that the environment is filled with all the class or goofiness previously set by the theme of the party. The right clothes are also crucial to manage this. You won’t want to be dressed like a cartoon character for the very serious VIP gala, nor the VIP gala to not look glamourous.

hire a pro

If it seems like too much work for you and your girl-power squad, then you’ll need to hire a pro! Sometimes this is the best option if your not a creative or organized person. This is not going to take away the night, it will just make everyone enjoy themselves much more. Remember, all of the spicinesses and energy of your squad is what the bride loves, and this way you can make sure to be in the moment instead of thinking of the next step!

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