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What is a Bucks Party

They’re also called bachelors party, bux party, stag party, stag do, and many other names. these are celebrations of the last singlehood party for your best mate! Known around the world, Bucks Parties are among the greatest types of parties held everywhere before you lose a mate to the hands of his very bride. He won’t be partying with you anymore, and if he does, is not going to be like in past days. What’s the best way of celebrating this? Get together with your cobber and best mates, get as many coldies as you can, and get pissed legless like there’s no tomorrow! Still, nothing good ever happens when you put together mates and coldies so you might end up getting a “The Hangover” type of night.

When should you have a bucks party?

 If you are doing a surprise bucks party make sure it is several months before the wedding. That just gives him plenty of time to recover plus it does not interfere with other plans. If he is in on it, let him decide he is the most important guest. Normal having a bucks party 2 or 3 weeks out from the wedding is a good option.

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Planning is key

Planning a bucks party is the perfect job for the best mate or best man of the groom. He’s going to be married/cactus after that, so if you’re planning the party, you must make him enjoy it to the last bit. This is easy for a dinkum mate, the one who knows his friend as much as he knows his own hands!
These are the bucks party must have:

  • Real mates to go full as a boot.
  • Booze. And by booze, we actually mean your own bottle-o for the party!
  • Your soon-to-be-cactus mate likes sports? Have a match of his favourite one! He loves adrenaline? Get him inside of his dreamed racing car or into a paintball match! He likes girls? Get him to a striptease club! Likes to travel? Go as far as your budget lets you! Remember it might be the last time he enjoys his favourite activities as a single man!
  • Pay for the man! He’s starting a new family, he’ll need the money!

And the most essential thing is that this night needs to be memorable for the rest of your mate’s life!

Dares and Challenges

Another vital part of any bucks party is daring and challenges, especially if you’re celebrating at a pub or bar. They are an easy way of ensuring tons of laughter during the celebration, making your mates go nuts with crazy challenges. Make fun of the broom, make him complete challenges like every time he says a certain word he needs to take a shot of vodka or make him wear stupid costumes or a crazy dance-off. Make sure to avoid stuff that’s too crazy, especially stuff that can get your mate jailed before the wedding!

Drinking games

Getting things started can be a little rough if you don’t have a drinking game. It can be as simple as drinking every time your team scores a point while watching a game, never have I ever, drunk Jenga, or straight face. Pro-tip? Be sure to grab a meal before getting started if you don’t want to get hammered quickly!


Bucks parties need to be organized well because yeah, they can get boring too. We’ve mentioned some of the most common activities, still, the only limit of what you can do at these parties is set by the attendants! Sports events, nightclubbing, going to your mate’s favourite bar, going on trips, going bush – to the countryside, getting female entertainers, racing go-karts, parachuting, go gambling, go hunting or fishing, and even playing video-games can be perfect activities. Focus on your mate’s likes and plan the best to suit him, or you can actually ignore his tendencies and get him to do stuff he’s never done before. This depends on how much you know your guy!

bucks party
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The must visit Bars

These are the stages of a great bucks party:

  • First, get some food in your mate’s belly! If you want to last a whole night of drinking games, then you’ll need something in there to withstand all the booze! You can hit your mate’s house and have a barbie, or even get to the best restaurant in town for a special occasion.
  • Dress up like crazy and hit your fave local bar, where you can find people that know him and start making fun of him. He needs to pay for abandoning the pack!
  • You can also check the improvised Speakeasy bar of your current location for a more private party. This is the right place to get the challenges started.
  • Remember that bar that’s owned by your friend’s cousin? Or that one who doesn’t kick you out even if you’re legless hammered and talking funny? That’s a must-go to destroy your mate’s drinking abilities with some darts-for-drinks.
  • Checking out the XXX-rated club is also a good idea, especially if there’s no risk of getting caught there!
  • Everything else is closed at 4 a.m? Go to the casino and waste all the money left from your budget. You probably won’t regret this because of booze-erased memory the next day.

Hope it was worth the hangover

The headache can be huge, but still, if you made your mate enjoy his last night as a single man, then it was all worth it. You’ll cherish these somewhat awkward-but-beautiful memories for the rest of your life! Cheers!

Jason Masson

Jason Masson

22 just out of college and love to find new and interesting drinking spots. My favourite bar is the next one I visit.

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