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This is different from your theme or your concept. This is the label people give to your bar.

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Bar Personality

Remember that bar you went to last year? The one with the smelly bathrooms? Or maybe it was the one with the $20 beers or the one with that bartender who thinks he’s all that.

These are examples of characteristics that people give to bars. The smelly bar, the expensive bar, the sleazy bar.

These characteristics give your bar a personality. This intern encourages people which have similar personalities to visit. You have a stinky dirty bar, you get stinky, dirty people.

People tend to label the places they’ve been to, and most of the times, it’s not a nice label. Why? Because we all remember the bad things better than the good ones!

Sadly not everything is always what we expect, especially when it comes to our bars. Things are not perfect and even though a bar is a fun place, things can go wrong in a second. That’s why you should know how to create a nice environment, and to avoid creating a bad personality for your bar.

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Simple and easy way to avoid a bad personality.

Staff is the most important part of your bar. One of the best ways to ensure you create a good personality is to have quality employees. They create personality more than you can ever do! That’s why you have to pick the right ones that suit the personality you want to create. If you want an elegant, classy and exclusive personality, maybe you can hire that arrogant sleazy bartender if he is clean cut.

Learn here how to pick the best employees for your bar!

Keep things shiny and avoid Smelly!

“I don’t want to go to that place, it smells” If that is your bar you are probably heading down the wrong path. Bad personalities do not build business they can make money, but most probably they could be making more. If you are happy with regular customers in your stinky dive bar and happy with the money stick with it.

If you want to build a following avoid smelly and dirty. Always keep things clean and pleasant.

Have a lot of options to avoid Cheap/Expensive!

Maybe cheap drinks are one of the selling points that you’ve tried to approach people, but cheap isn’t always a good thing. Get some better drinks, sell them at a fair price and then get some really high-end drinks, and sell them too, at a fair price. Fair is the new cheap! You can avoid any pricing personality if you have a bit of everything.

But more upper-class patrons sometimes do not like hanging out somewhere that everyone can afford. So make sure you understand your target market.

Try new things to avoid Boring!

Boring is one of the hardest labels to avoid for a bar,  remember if you have the same people coming to the same bar every week buying the same thing. People might get bored.

Keep it fresh, add something different every now and then. When there is an occasion like Valentines day, Easter, Mothers day get involved. Get some music going, put up some decorations, have a special event, keep things spiced-up! Get the best event ideas here!

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Find out what type of personality you want your bar to have.

If you want your bar to be known for being dark, with great metal-rock music, then you definitely can’t paint your walls white or pink and put on the Barbie Girl song every five seconds! So the best thing you can do is finding out what type of bar you want to have. Get to know your customers as well, because they are the main reason for you to work on your bar every day.  And the last piece of advice in this matter is to use the huge power of common sense, because it will save you money, time and troubles along the way of bar-owning.  

Good luck!

Jason Masson

Jason Masson

22 just out of college and love to find new and interesting drinking spots. My favourite bar is the next one I visit.

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