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Free Angel Shot Poster

The point of this poster is for it to be placed in women’s bathroom at your bar or club, so they know that your bartenders understand that if they ask for this shot they need some type of assistance.

So make sure you train all your staff how to deal with these situations.

What is Order An "Angel Shot"?

Order an Angel Shot was created due to the amount of creepy guys getting dates via apps like Tinder and Plenty of Fish. These site can help in finding love, but they can also help in finding creeps. So if you ever feel unsafe or need to get out of the situation just order an Angel Shot.

There is a bit more to this. Find out more here

Bar Advisor Order An Angel Shot

Bartenders Be Discreet

The whole point of this campaign is to help women that don’t want to create a scene. If they wanted they could just scream HELP and create a scene.

But this is meant to be a quiet way to get them out of harms way, with no fuss. So as a bartender if you hear these words do not panic just establish how bad the situation is and go from there.



There are 3 different versions of this question, number 3 being the most important. If they ask for a Angel Shot with LIME this means they feel in danger, so quietly call the police and explain the situation.

IMPORTANT– everyone is innocent until proven guilty, make sure your staff do not try to be a hero and take matters in to their own hands. One this is dangerous and second you will probably be sued.

If there is violence or abuse you should have policies and procedures on how to handle the situation just follow them.

The Good with the bad

This is a good thing if this only saves one girl/women it was worth it. So post this poster up in your restroom and train your staff on what to do and hopefully you never need to use it.

This also could encourage women to have their first dates at your bar so it could be good for business. If women feel safe at your bar they will pick it first.

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If you want a custom poster we can provide one for you just contact us.

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Jason Masson

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