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The Opera Bar in Sydney.

The Opera bar in Sydney is one of the best places to go if you’re after awesome view and refreshing beverage. People visit Opera Bar from everywhere around the world what keeps crowd constantly changing and exciting. Opera Bar has been called “the best beer garden in the world”. what means that you can enjoy a vast variety of beers in this place alone. They even have their own homemade beer; the Bar Pale Ale!

The Opera Bar has a view of the night sky and the city and of course the magnificent Sydney harbour.

Sydney Opera Bar
Photo by Marley Clovelly from Pexels

What are you going to find at the Opera Bar?

Not only can you enjoy a beer, but also some of the best cocktails in the city. They give seasonal touch to their cocktails, so cocktail list is constantly changing. The food menu is really great as well, and it’s updated every two weeks. Opera Bar is known for offering quality seafood. You can have a simple snack to go with your drinks or you can have a full meal.

The Opera Bar with regular bar prices!

The Opera Bar has been awarded many times because of the great drinks, cocktails, and meals they offer. Knowing that, it might surprise you that everything in this bar comes with quite reasonable price tag! That way, you can enjoy your night and not worry about the cost of it. Have a  nice time with their top-class Live Music or fall in love of the view while enjoying fast and polite service.

They now have the Opera Bar Café, which also offers great breakfast and lunch options until 12 pm.  It will work great for you if you would rather enjoy a coffee in the morning!

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Jason Masson

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