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Remember opening a bar is nothing new, it has been done millions of times. Everything you are thinking of doing has been done in some shape or form. Reading these bar books will help you understand the most common reasons why bars fail.

With science and technology understanding how to build a successful business is quite easy. We are not saying that if you follow every step you will be successful, but if you are aware of how people fail then you stand a better chance in being successful.

We believe that a successful business needs to stand out and be different, but when you try to be different and move into unknown problems will arise.

Arrogance leads to failure:

If one of these books tells you not to do something because it does not work and you find yourself saying no I will do it different, think again.

Confidence is great to have when starting a business, but if the idea has failed a million times before. You better have a logical reason why it will work this time.

You saying “I know better” is just arrogant, not logical.

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1. Raise The Bar

This is the bible for bar owners. You either love Jon Taffer or hate him, but he surely knows his stuff. You might not be able to build or run a bar to his level, but even if you get close, you should be successful. Jon Taffer is going to tell you how to keep people coming back.

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2. Straight Up

The book Straight Up written by Ramona Pettygrave Shah, comes from years of experience behind bars. This bar book focuses a lot on habits and priorities. Good habits and learning how to prioritize are very important parts of making you and your team happy.

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3. Restaurant Success.

Yes, this is about restaurants, well remember your bar will (SHOULD) server food. So you are a restaurant. This book will run you through all the different things to think of before opening a bar as well as how to stay on top of things during the first year.

We love this one grab it here

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4. Running A Bar For Dummies.

For Dummies books are great, they cover everything you will need to know and it is not just one person writing it. They have people that know what they are talking about.

Running a Bar For Dummies Book

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5. How To Open A Bar

This is a good read for opening bar or nightclub. This is great if you are starting from scratch. If you were drunk last night and said to a friend “lets open a bar”. BUY this bar book now and it runs you over the whole process before actually opening one.

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Raise The Bar is a must have. Sorry, but Jon Taffer is a legend, I feel he is a bit over the top and a bit unrealistic for most new bar owners budgets. But he has a good understanding on how to get money “customers” coming back.

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The other on is Straight Up, it’s an easy read and will help you understand the anxiety that comes with bar ownership.

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Jason Masson

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