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Once you have all the info needed it is time to write your plan.

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Writing a business plan for you bar

You should by now have all the information you need. If not click her and go back to see what you need.

To start why do you need a business plan

Every business needs a plan lots of people just have it in their head. But putting it on paper is always the best option. If you think it is just wasting time when you could be focusing on other stuff. Well it will save you time later if you run into a problem or lose direction.

Think of it as a recipe, you want to make something really nice for dinner if you don’t know the ingredients at the shops how will you know what to get. Plus how will you know the steps to make it.

The business plan goes with you. (not physicaly)

When you looking for the location. It will tell you to buy /lease or not to buy /lease

When you go shopping for the fit outs. It will tell you what to buy and how much you can spend.

When you need employees it will tell you where to put them, how to train them what they need to operate.

When you have a problem it will tell you how to solve it.

Do I need a Business Plan for My Bar or Nightclub?

Yes 100% every business needs a business plan. Like of a business plan a an instruction manual and a troubleshooting page, as you build and grow you can refer to the business plan if you have a problem refer to your plan. If you are not looking for investors it does not need to look pretty but do your due diligence now so when the s##t hits the fan which it will. You will have every thing planned out.

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Parts of a Business Plan

  1. Executive summery

Ok this part is simple it should be short and sweet. One page tell us what your bar is, what is your vision, what is it going to do different. What is your mission


  1. Target

Who is your customers, how many are there, how much money have they got, what is there life span or cycle. What are their interests. Every bit of information you can get about your targeted customers.  Risks what are the chances of them losing their jobs? (this has happened a lot mining, car industry, bars that are built for them will be gone when the jobs go.


  1. Competition

Who is you compititon, all of them even the ones that are not targeting the same people. How powerful are they if you start taking business from them. Can they muscle there way to still them back. Cheap drinks can always get people back.


  1. Human recourses

Your team lay out what you need and when you need them. How much training and support your need


  1. Vendors suppliers

Who are your suppliers, how much what is the lead time. If price goes up who are you going to go to. Problems happen (POS) who fixes it.

  1. Marketing

Every business should be a marketing business first. You need to market your bar how are you going to do it and a what cost. Sorry instagram is harder than you think and costs a lot to get noticed. You need a plan.



  1. Operations

What are the operations of your bar. What happened when you hire new staff do you need to train them, how do your train them. If there is a problem with staff what i your process.

If someone is injured what should you do.

This section is long. Think of everything you need or need to do to run your bar.


  1. Financial

What is it all going to cost Everything every expense every possible earning. It all goes here.

Know what you are going to spend be for you spend it. For one it just easies the blow. Two then your know that you’re always on track to be successful, to the plan.

Money you make is the money you spend. Make plans for the money you make when it comes in what are you going to do with it.


  1. Risk management

Lots of people hide the risk management in other parts but we feel it is very important. If you have a blank page you will try and fill it. Knowing the risks can preper you better than anything else. Remember risks come in all shapes and forms, it could be your health what will you do if you get sick what is your back up plan.

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You will learn a lot about your business

These 9 sections should be broken up into 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 make sure you have a contents page as if you want to find something it will be easier. This will be a big document if done right. Plus make sure you have at least 3 years projected earnings it will help give you a guide.

Hunt around on the net you might find a good layout or template to use that you like better than our but if you like ours or find a problem with ours please let us know in the coments below.

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Jason Masson

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