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Common cocktails

  • Amaretto Sour
  • Blue on Blue
  • Black Russian
  • Pisco Sour

The Old-fashioned or rocks glass.

Whenever you drink whiskey on the rocks, you’re definitely using a rocks glass. Nope, I’m not a psychic. This is one of the best ways of experiencing the taste of whiskey. Especially if you skipped the “rocks” part, and you’re drinking it neat. It’s also called lowball glass by some.

The rocks glass is a tumbler glass, with a thick bottom and short design. There are several presentations for them, varying in size. The most common sizes hold 180–300 ml, but there are bigger variations. The main purpose of the rocks glass is the same as the Snifter. When you hold the glass in your hand, you transfer the heat from it to the drink, which makes the aroma appear. Because of this, is perfect for going neat. So, this glass will also make any drink “stronger”.

Why should I drink whisky in a rocks glass?

The flavor of whiskey will be more present in a glass like this. Why? The drink is close to the nose, and the aromas will be perceived easily. The heat from your hand will also help the experience.

Some people recommend other glasses for drinking whiskey, like a Snifter, or a Glencairnglass. Because of this, there are a lot of cocktails that are served in it, instead of neat drinks. You should try several ways of drinking it, so you can stay with the one that suits you the best.

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Common uses.

The rocks glass is commonly used to present strong, high proof drinks or cocktails. This might be associated with the fact that you can get knocked out faster by these drinks, so it’s served in smaller amounts. The most commonly served in these are the Old Fashioned, Negroni, the White Russian (and the black one), the Godfather, all sorts of Sours and Whiskey.

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