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The OEL's 3 Gin

BarAdvisor had a chance to talk to Maximillian Schott from Oel’s gins to find out more about the brand, the future and the products.

Love of food, drink and Greece

OEL is a company – or better said, a family as they consider themselves. OEL specializes in the production and sales of Greek products. The company consists of friends from various backgrounds – non of them have studied business or agriculture.  They found each other in their passion for good food, drinks, and Greece.

OEL gin bottle

Started from Olive oil

The company started with two founders Amadeus and Marc travelling to Greece. They wanted to make “quick money“ by harvesting the olive fields of Amadeus’s grandmother and selling the oil to their restaurant contacts in Berlin. It went so well that they decided to buy their own field, and build up a brand. The gin started two years later when Maximillian was experimenting behind the bar, trying to produce cocktails with olive oil. He stumbled upon the fat wash principle (aromatizing alcohol with fat) and tried it with gin and olive oil. It worked so well that people started asking where they could buy the gin, which pushed them to go into production.

OEL gin cocktail

Staying as local as possible

All OEL products are produced with transparency and real craftsmanship. The trees are harvested every year, and owners are in permanent contact with the mill, the farmers, and the distillery. Even though products are based and produced in Berlin, owners try to do as much work as possible by themselves, or at least get it done in Greece to support the local economy.

OEL gin

plenty of other products coming

There are three new products currently in the pipeline. The company is also busy designing the new line of spirits, so there is plenty to look forward to.

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