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One of the most luxurious brands and franchises around the world,

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Nikki Beach

Created by Jack Penrod in 1998, Nikki Beach is one of the most luxurious brands/francises with  14 luxury beach clubs located at the best beaches around the world. (not to mention their amazing hotels and resorts). Over the time Nikki Beach clubs have excelled with its unique, elegant style. At any Nikki Beach clubs, you’ll find great music, delicious cocktails, mouthwatering menu and hopefully sunshine!

The Nikki Beach clubs.

In any of the 14 Nikki Beach clubs from around the world, you’ll be spoiled by

  • Heavenly beaches
  • Amazing decor
  • Well-trained staff. You will be taken care of by professionals.
  • Excellent live music and entertainment.
  • Beautiful people

Whether you are visiting Nikki Beach in Miami, Caribbean, or in Asia you’ll love the glamorous experience. Nikki beach clubs are a bit pricier than usual, but they are definitely worth it.

Club Locations

Nikki Beach Hotels

Apart from beach clubs, you have to check out their hotels and resorts. Nikki beach hotels have been praised because of the great quality of their premium services, not to mention their A-class events and cuisine! In most of their facilities, you can choose between Villas, Suites and Penthouse, all of them beautifully decorated to match a theme. Architecture is admirable and blends perfectly with the nature around.

Nikki Beach delivers quality service thanks to thoroughly trained staff.  Restaurants are famous for being innovative, creative and unprecedentedly delicious. Also, in most of the locations, you’ll find great selections of drinks from any brand, as well as a nicely stuffed mini bar in your room!

nikki beach cocktails


If that’s not enough reasons to visit, check out their special events and activities. Dining, visiting islands or maybe a fishing trip are only some of the activities to do depending on which one of the Nikki Beach Hotels you are staying! Nikki beach also offers wedding packages for your dream wedding in a paradise!

If you are after relaxing time with your loved ones, (or by yourself) Nikki beach is a place to be. Check out the Nikki Beach Clubs and Hotels and let the luxury be part of your life!



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Jason Masson

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