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Introducing Naked Life Non Alcoholic Canned Cocktails. 

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How did it started?

BarAdvisor had a chance to talk to Naked Life marketing manager Lian Brower to find out a bit more about Naked Life non-alcoholic spirits.

The Naked Life Spirits brand started in 2019 as they saw the growing trend of sober curious people and as a category in need of some fresh innovation. Now with more people redefining their moments coming out of lockdown and demanding more alcohol-free options than ever before, Naked Life wanted to fill that need in a way that didn’t compromise the taste of a cocktail unlike others in the market.

Why do naked life non-alcoholic drinks taste so good?

Naked life artfully distills botanicals with quality ingredients and creates beautifully crafted spirits that provide all the things you need to celebrate special moments in your life but without the alcohol. Naked life’s botanicals are crafted using the age-old process of distillation. Harnessing the power of steam, they’re gently heated until the aromatic vapours are captured in an intensely fragrant liquid. By using these premium ingredients and delicate processes, naked life can transform natural extracts and unique flavours into classic cocktails and mixed drinks that deliver the unmistakable taste of the drink you love. Naked Life has gone a step further with the range of RTD canned cocktails and made them 100% sugar free, meaning less hangovers and less calories.

nakedlife range

The Naked Life range

The brand has just released 11 new flavours as part of the range, including Australia’s first non-alcoholic ‘amber spirit’ inspired by iconic rum and bourbon mixed drinks, available nationwide across Woolworths and selected Coles stores.

By chance, my pregnant wife had a chance to try one of the naked life margaritas after complaining for 6 months about not being able to drink. She is obsessed now, naked life tastes like a real deal.

 At the centre of Naked Life’s ethos is the belief that it is possible to champion the good things in life without compromising what’s important. That’s why the drinks are crafted with distilled botanicals, for a unique flavour but unmistakable in taste. Each Naked Life product contains zero sugar and is alcohol free in the hopes of enjoying the sweeter things in life with zero guilt. Naked Life’s mission has always been about accelerating a healthier Australia.

Naked life is incredibly proud of what they have created, and on a mission to help Australians redefine what an afternoon beverage or evening drink may look like. Naked Life is celebrating the moment, but in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Whether you are trying to be healthier, lose weight, pregnant, or whatever your reason might be to prefer non-alcoholic beverages, there is nothing quite as real-tasting as naked life cocktails.

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Jason Masson

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