Must Visit Irish Pubs When In Ireland

Must Visit Irish Bars - In Ireland

Ireland is a magical place- beautiful scenery, history, guinness and of course- Irish pubs. It might be quite tricky to pick pubs you would love to visit when in Ireland, trust me there are way too many. Hopefully our list will give you couple of ideas where you must go!

1. The Temple bar

The Temple bar is an absolute must when in Ireland.  It is located in a busy area of the Dublin so I can guarantee you- it will be buzzing. Established in 1840 it offers historic atmosphere mixed with traditional irish music. Temple bar also has over 450 kinds of whiskies available so trust me, it will  impress anyone who visits.

2. The Brazen Head

The Brazen Head was established in 1198 what makes it Irelands oldest pub. Present building was built in 1754 and is absolutely stunning. Even if you are not too into pubs it’s just worth walking by and getting a photo. The Brazen head has great Irish music, delicious food and obviously wide drink selection.

3. Michael Flannerys

Michael Flannerys bar is located in a historic and gorgeous building in Limerick. When stepping inside you are welcomed by dark wooden interiors, extensive list of whiskies, friendly service and that real Irish pub vibe. Definitely worth a visit!

4. Sean's bar

Sean’s bar located in Athlone is another one of the oldest pubs in Ireland. Step inside and get that real Irish pub experience with wide drink selection and welcoming atmosphere!

5. The Stag's Head

The Stag’s Head  is classy, historic pub with all the gorgeous details you’d expect from an Irish pub.  It is one of our favorite bars in Dublin. It just has this cozy and friendly vibe when entering.

6. O'Connors

O’Connors pub in Galway is quite different to your usual Irish pub. You can find antiques and brick-a-brack everywhere you look. Another quite a significant thing is that Ed Sheeran’s Galway girl was filmed in this pub- quite impressive and surely worth a visit!

7. Tigh Neachtain

Tigh Neachtain is a creative and artistic spot for everyone. They offer great live music, unusal drinks from all around the world and beautiful outdoor area to enjoy sunshine. Pop in and you will not disappoint!

8. O'Donoghue's

O’Donogue’s is located in the heart of Dublin in a historic building. It is a great spot to listen to some live music, enjoy that real Irish atmosphere and meet some lovely locals.

Tell Us What You Think

Have you been to Ireland? Which ones are your favorite spots to enjoy that real Irish vibe? Please let us know in comments below.


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