Miller’s Ale House.

You’ll find the very best ales, crafted beers, regular draft beers or bottled,

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Miller’s Ale House.

Its name actually says it all! At Miller’s Ale House you’ll find the very best ales, crafted beers, regular draft beers or bottled, and there’s even a space for wines and more spirits. But wait, isn’t Miller’s Ale House a restaurant? Yes, it is!

Miller’s Ale House is an American chain restaurant that happens to offer one of the best combinations ever; steaks and beers! It was created in 1988, and since then it has been offering pure gold. It’s one of the best casual restaurants ever, and we, on the other hand, say is one of the best sports bars ever!

They offer a wide range of steaks, burgers, chicken, seafood and so on. Pretty much like improved snacks for watching the game! Delicious snacks by the way. Another great thing about Miller’s Ale House is their drinks menu, which is more than huge. This place is actually like Nirvana for beer-lovers, and their beers, lagers, Kailua, American IPA, Ales, fruit beers, etc are everything but common. They also have a nice variety of cocktails, featuring the Jaeger Bomb, the Irish Breakfast Shooter and the Rum Punch, which are among the favourites of the house.

A place to grill, a place to chill.

In spite of being a restaurant, this place falls short from being just a regular one. Its classy tavern-like designs in most of its locations are quite cosy, welcoming and enjoyable, so you’ll be delaying the travel back home for hours. It’s an interesting place for after-hours reunions and for inviting friends to enjoy the football game, or whatever your game is.


If you want to be in for a delicious meal, this is also the place to be. Its menu is quite large and you’ll certainly find something to suit your refined taste. Or is it that you’re a simple-minded burger-guy (like me)? Then this is your lucky day! At the Miller’s Ale House you’ll find your place to have a nice American burger or sandwich, or anything you can hold between your hands and chop while having a beer.

Enjoy the company of friends and family like in no other place at the Miller’s Ale House!


Jason Masson

Jason Masson

22 just out of college and love to find new and interesting drinking spots. My favourite bar is the next one I visit.

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Casual sports-pub chain with basics from bar snacks to steaks & a large selection of tap beers.